Potty Training

Let me start off with I'm not an expert. This is just my experience with the whole situation that is trying to "train" a toddler. Every child is different.

Okay so Grayson has shown interest in the potty for a while but he was never really into it.
I didn't want to push and send him into the dreaded holding it and causing more damage so for months we went with the flow. If he wanted to try we did if not no big deal. We bought undies and he wore them on occasion and we talked about Big!Boy!Underwear!So!Cool!

In April we started on our days home with him really trying to have the little potty out so that he knew he could use it. We also had a seat for our toilet so he had is choice.

Come August I was ready. He was ready and I knew he would be moving up to the next classroom at school where they really encourage the kids to be potty trained (it's not a requirement but it is suggested) so we buckled down.

That first weekend just about killed me. That kid would flat out say "I no want to wear dem underwears I want to wear my diiiiperrrr!" Talk about frustrating. But we worked on it. So he went on the potty and since he is easily motivated by chocolate M&M's were his victory treat! This worked awesome. We had lots of "Yay big boy status you went on the potty!" But he still wouldn't tell us when he went.

Fast forward to the next weekend. He is with my Mom (because we were on our anniversary get away) and they are in the grocery store and he grabs himself and says " I hafe to goooo" they ran to the potty and bam he went. He did super good the rest of the weekend and even when we went to the zoo.

Then he got smart and knew that if he went potty he would get M&M's, now I have a child going two to three dribbles just to get chocolate and delaying bed time, dinner time , clean up time because he had to go just so he could get chocolate. Enter panic and a child who was living on M&M's. Yeah not so good.

So I decided on a big reward and a sticker chart. Grayson has been asking for a fish for along time. He likes to look at them when we go to Wal Mart and so I knew this would motivate him.

So that day I went to the store purchased a poster board a million stickers and a bag full of small(er) toys and got to work. It was also at this time that I decided on no more diapers and switching to Pull Ups at times of sleeping. So he associated Pull-Ups with his bed and nothing else. We nixed the diapers all together.

I didn't take a picture of the chart before stickers sorry but basically I made a bunch squares and then randomly wrote TOY in them. This way he didn't really know when the next toy would be. We operated on a 1 sticker for #1 and 2 stickers for #2 system. And now he is fully potty trained

We have gone 2 weeks accident free and don't think I'm sitting at home with this kid. No way. We have gone to 2 parties 3 restaurants, quite a few stores and apple picking twice! I just make sure we go right before we leave. And the whole being potty trained a night he kind of did on his own. He said to Michael one night "Daddy you wear pull ups? You pee in your bed?" Michael said "No Buddy I hold it and get up and go pee" And ever since then he wakes us up when he has to go. Goes potty and goes back to sleep. It was that easy. And trust me I was fully prepared to be doing Pull-Ups at bedtime for a while but he decided against that.

He also earned is Fish. (in about a week)

Say Hello to Blaze! Grayson feeds Blaze twich a day (with our supervision of course) and can be found squishing his face up to that bowl mulitple times a day. And this Mama is so happy to be done with diapers!