Our weekend

The weekends go by way to fast and I long for a longer weekend more time to be lazy in the morning and spend time with my boys. But it's Monday and I'm back to work trying not to fall asleep at my desk #thestruggleisreal

Anyway here is our weekend

Friday- Michael and I had the day off. We got up took Grayson to school and then went to the Home Depot and got a new shower head. Ever since Grayson was about 1 and started to act like washing his hair was a form of torture I wanted one of those removable shower heads so I didn't have to dump water on him. Well we finally got one and now I just need my Dad to come over and put it on. Then we got down to business at home. We cleared out our spare bedroom which over the last 6 months has become a catch all of crap. We purged so much and now we are ready for someone to come in and give us an estimate to have it re drywalled and new windows put in. Grayson is ready for a big boy room and we are ready to give it to him it's just trying to find someone we like for a good price. Let the hunt begin. Anyway we worked for hours straight then ordered a pizza for lunch and I pulled out all my fall decorations. I showered really quick and then headed to get G from school and pick up Libby and B. I grabbed the kids hit the drive thru for baby doughnuts and we went home to play until dinner time. Then we headed to the Friday night football game at the school my mom teaches at which also happens to be the same marching band my brother works with so it was a win win. Okay small side story when I was in school we didn't have a football, now my high school and the school my mom teaches at have combined certain activities and football was one of them. So kids from my school now play at this school too! 

Anyway the kids had a blast at the game with candy and pom poms plus we got to watch my brothers drum line at half time and then after that we hit the road home because it was way past our bed time. 

I woke up with a migraine and my wonderful mother came and took Grayson shopping with her so I could sleep it off and brought him home around lunch time. I gave him lunch and put him down for a nap and I went back to sleep too and finally woke up feeling better. We lounged around on Saturday and spent sometime snuggling on the couch.

It's football time in our house and so since this is the only week that out Bill's play a late game we had my Granmda, Aunt & Uncle and my parents over for dinner and the game. Michael made chili my aunt brought pizza and our Bill's pulled out the big W! We are all crazy fans and we yell and jump up and scream when they score and so now Grayson does too. He spend most of the game throwing his nerf ball to everyone and screaming when we scored!

It was a great weekend! And this week we are getting fall temperatures! I love the 60s's!