Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorite time! I can't believe that it is the last day of July but I'm so excited for August and the weekend!

Linking up with Andrea!

This first favorite was an accidental find. I ran out of my batiste dry shampoo and so I ran to WalMart to get an interim one and now I will never buy another kind.

This dry shampoo is amazing
 Product Details

No film or gray stuff in my hair and it works on day 3 hair! I love this so so much! The price is half too so it's a favorite all around.

My next favorite?
The Snackeez Jr. 

We have this one already and I just ordered a second one (minions) for G
We have a full size snackeeze too (that I use now when we go on walks!) but the Jr is just perfect for Grayson we pack this baby up every morning with a snack and some water and then I fill it up before I leave work and throw a little treat in it for when I pick him up. He gets everything in one and I'm not constantly handing him is snack and then his water! Love love love!

This picture slays me. I love both of those boys so so much! So blessed I get to do life with them.

Another favorite? That we have no plans this weekend! Finally a summer weekend with no plans and just swimming on the agenda!

I'm loving this OPI nail color! I got a pedicure two weeks ago and it is still perfect!
Product Details
Happy Friday Everyone!


What UP Wednesday!

It is What's Up Wednesday!!!
Mix and Match Mama makes this day so wonderful and fun!

1. What are we eating? I had this last night and it was Divine! 
Chicken Quesadilla
The drink was amazing,
Pina Colada
 the food fabulous and the scenery wasn't so bad either

2. I'm reminiscing about.... how (almost) 6 years ago I was exactly one month from my wedding! Time flies when your raising little humans having fun!

3.What I'm loving.... Raisnetts. Random I know however Grayson loves chocolate and while I'm not that crazy sugar nazi mama I do like to limit the amount of chocolate that child consumes in a day. Somehow these chocolate covered raisins make me feel better. However now I grab handfuls here and there. Hey it's still fruit right?

4.What we've been up to.....Swimming! Swimming! Swimming! So thankful in the last 3 weeks that we have a pool!

5. What I'm dreading.....Nothing that I can think of

6. What I'm working on..... Grayson's big boy room and potty training. He is ready for a big boy room we just have to gut it, put up new drywall, new window, new flooring and assemble his furniture. Making a call to have someone come give us an estimate because man that sounds like so much!

7. What I'm excited about..... We have a fun family date to the zoo planned in August and Michael and I have a fun night planned for our anniversary!

8.What I'm watching/reading......Watching all the Real Housewives and It's All Relative. Love them both. I'm reading Raising Boys and Dad is Fat. Love them both

9. I'm listening to The Farmer in the Dell on repeat in my car all the time. #momlife

10.What I'm wearing.... These shorts from Old Navy that are super light and comfy and were $5 in the store and I love them! I think they were marked wrong in store because they are 11.50 online but still a great deal for the most comfy shorts ever!
Women's Patterned Twill Shorts (5

11.What I'm doing this weekend...... Relaxing and swimming. Soaking up all the time with my family outside that I can because before I know it this gorgeous weather will be gone

12. What I'm looking forward to next month.... Celebrating 6 years of marriage and 7 years of being together. Love this man!

13.What else is new.... Doing some minor updates on the house (new rug, hanging pictures) and now I'm contemplating painting my kitchen cabinets and kitchen. Ha! Let's see if I can convince the hubby on that one!

Bonus: What will I miss about summer? Ice cream, swimming, being able to take walks and just the sun!


Half way through the year resolution

This is a thing right? Halfway through the year you make new resolutions?

Okay maybe it's just me anyway

July 1st is the exact halfway point and I decided that with everything that had happened I wanted to make some halfway new year resolutions.

The top of that list was soaking up all the little moments with Grayson and taking more pictures.

The next biggest thing was one on one time with Michael.

We neeeed this so so bad. With our work schedules we get very little (read if any!) alone time together.

Michael gets up to go to work at 2:30 in the morning and starts work at 3:30.
That means he goes to bed no later than 8:45. So with Grayson going to bed at about 7:45-8:00 and after we shower and finish picking up for the night we sometimes have mere seconds together at night.

So I put out an SOS to Michael and my Mom and I came up with a plan. Every other week my Mom will watch Grayson for a few hours so that Michael and I can go out and spend some time just us.

It doesn't have to be dinner every time (although tonight is Mexican!) it just has to be just us.

We did this on the 14th and it was wonderful. I had my follow up appointment and so Michael came with me and then we went to dinner and grocery shopping after. It was nice to sit at the bar and eat and to take our time shopping without having a million items thrown in the cart.

I read somewhere once that your day to day relationship with your children most likely will end at age 18. They will go to college and move out and they will no longer be a fixture in your house day to day. Who will be left? Your spouse. You don't want 18 years to pass and then look at your spouse and say wait who are you? Putting the work in now and making the most of stolen moments is what counts.

So we have been working on this. I have been saying yes to people when they ask to have Grayson for an hour or two. The other night my sister took Grayson for an hour and Michael and I wasted no time in hoping on the 4 wheeler and taking a rid on our back acreage. Sure there were dishes to be done, rugs to be vacuumed, laundry to be folded and a million other things. But there was also memories to be made. And so we snatched it up and I'm so glad we did. 

Here's to twice a month one on one time with this stud!

Halfway through the year resolutions are nice!


Weekend Wrap up-I only wish it was longer

Friday afternoon my doll of a husband brought me and iced coffee at work. It was just what I needed because I was struggling to even finish out the day!

He ran up and bought a new rug for our living room. Back in March we swapped our rooms around we moved the living room into the dining room and so we needed a new rug. The now living room is much bigger and our little 5x7 rug just was not cutting it. However 8x10 rugs are mucho doll hairs and so I waited to find a good deal on one. Well last weekend when we were at BJ's (our wholesale club) I saw one that was on major sale and so he went up to get it (I couldn't fit it in my truck with Grayson in there). We got it home and I love it! It makes the room feel more complete and homey!

He also picked up some beer and chicken fingers after that yum! My sister called asked to get Grayson to go to the park for a little bit with the cousins and so I of course said yes![

Michael and I took the chance to hop on the 4wheeler and check out the back of our property. It was a nice ride. The kids came back and I gave the boys a bath before Lib and B headed to the movies with my sister.

Saturday morning Grayson and I were super busy. We cleaned the car out, did some laundry, made cookies and played in our water table.

Then after nap we headed to Gigi and Papa's house for a cookout and more swimming with cousins. S'mores and fire later we headed home and Grayson stayed for a sleepover.

We hopped on the 4 wheeler again when we got home for a quick lap around and then came in and relaxed before bed.

Sunday it was church and some final moments of playing the with kids before they headed home. We came home for nap and then some more swimming!

This is what summer is all about lots of outside time and pool time!


Friday Favorites!


I'm so excited for the weekend!

Here are this weeks favorites!

Linking up with Andrea

Getting back our family pictures from the photographer
I love this one of my little family of 3!

And this one of me and my love

Sword fights. Grayson got these 2 glow in the dark swords (at the dollar store) and it was pirate day at school a few weeks back so now he likes to sword fight with Daddy. Boys will be boys.

Ice Cream date nights with my loves

Blueberry picking! The tradition lives on!

Eating dinner outside! Our weather has been amazing and wonderful and we are soaking it up!

Happy Friday everyone!


One Month

I debated on hitting publish on this post. I don't want to seem like I'm dwelling on it but it's my reality.

It's one month to the day that we learned that our baby had no heartbeat.

Typing that out is still devastating. It's still hard. It still makes my heart ache so bad.

It's weird being one month out. My body has how do I say this gone back to working order which I'm beyond thankful for. One down one more to go until we can try for another baby.

I'm ready so ready.

Grayson and I were watching a video of him as a newborn, we're talking less than a week old and he was doing some tummy time and I was transported back to the smells, the musy-ness, the snuggles, just all of it.
I had to take a moment for myself after that because really it fells like that will never happen again. And I want it so bad. So so bad.

This whole situation has been trying on me as a person. I hear myself being irrational and nasty sometimes (mostly to my husband) and I just can't stop. The hormones are messing with me big time. Also the hair loss is beyond awful. So much so that I have an almost bald spot on the back of my head. Even my co-workers tell me that they keep finding my hair everywhere, on them, on paperwork, all over the bathroom. I'm the only one with long hair so it's a no brainier that it's mine. This happened after I had Grayson too while thing leveled out and so I guess my body is just doing that again.

It's hard to go through all the "normal" things that happened after a baby but not have a baby. That's a total mind screw that can send you right into a tailspin.

It took me up until last Friday to have my first real drink after the miscarriage. My head knew I could, my heart said it was wrong.

I found a pile of maternity shirts that I had started to get out, just because I knew in a few weeks I would need them only I don't and so packing those away was an emotional breakdown.

I go stretches of the day without thinking about it now but never for long. I try not to discuss it in front of Grayson ever because it can send me to tears in a second and he always says when I cry "hey mommy no kying oh kay?" So I try to avoid it at all costs. He is just sensitive to other people's emotions. My sweet boy.

Prayer will get me through this and so I pray every night for peace and joy.


It was just what I needed weekend re-cap

 This is how Friday afternoon went.
(I'm the one using all the emoji's)

My work week was just beyond anything I can describe. Just one of those weeks. Throw in being emotional on top of it and well that's just a recipe for disaster. 

I even went as far as trying to convince my husband to run away to Mexico in August for 3 days for our anniversary. When he told me no (because that's the adult thing to do not charge a trip we don't really need) I threw a fit. It was a mess. I was a mess. Just a mess. That was Thursday so when I got into work on Friday and it was just more of the same stuff different day kind of thing. I thew out an SOS. 

(and just for reference he is asking me to love him forever because he told me no about the trip)
Mama needed wine.

And pizza.

So that's what we had for dinner wine and pizza. It was just what I needed. 

 I drank and these two watched guitar videos Grayson's new obsession.

I stayed up way to late watching OITNB. I'm done with season 3 and I'm kind of just eh about it. It was very blah to me this year and well I hope they pick it up for season 4. I also watched Fifty Shades of Grey and again eh. It wasn't what I expected and it kind of disturbed me. I'm sticking to romcoms from now on.

Saturday it was up early for a BJ's (our version of costco or sam's club) run we needed diaper's (hoping this ends soon!!!!) wipes and dog food. My mom and sister went with us and then we went for pedicures and lunch afterwards.

Grayson was sooooo good and sat in the chair dipping his toes in the water with my Mom I just love that little boy.

He loved Panera Mac n cheese and the yogurt!

After nap Michael vacuumed the pool while Grayson and I made a "track". This is a new thing that he does he will line up a bunch of stuff and call it a track. So I drank ice coffee and we built a track with our puzzles.

After a family swim we needed food and fast since it was getting late so we opted for drive thru McDonald's. It was wonderful and a huge first happened. Grayson ate a chicken nugget!!!! Half of one actually and it was awesome.

Then we had a fun glow in the dark bath. I bought glow sticks at the dollar store and cracked them and shut the lights off. Grayson thought it was the best. We even had a dance party afterwards shaking the glows sticks around.

Sunday it was coffee and coloring before church. 

Then we swam like crazy with Lib and B. Which made for a wonderful long nap. 

We spend the rest of the day coloring and just being a family as Grayson says.
Also building towers without pants on because that's the only way to do it. 

It was the perfect weekend.


I am

I am a mess most days

I keep wishing for more hours in the day. I want more time with my boys, more time to write, more time to play. Just more time.

I wish I could take a vacation to somewhere tropical. A swim up bar and the beach just me and the hubby.

I sing all the time. Random things usually to make Grayson laugh.

I dance during Monsters University when they are all at the party. We watch this movie at least 4 times a week and so Grayson and I always get up to dance during that scene. Plus we dance after bath. I put Pandora on and we jam out.

I think in this age of social media that people think their opinions matter more than they do. In the last few month with Caitlyn Jenner coming out and the whole Josh Duggar scandal I think that people insert themselves where they shouldn't. Listen everyone has to answer for their own doings not anyone elses so just let people be. Everyone is big and bad behind a computer.

I really want Burger King chicken fries and a pina colada. Not together thought.

I need a pedicure

I should make an appointment for a pedicure since I have a gift card for one

I can  worry about nothing. It's a gift really one that keeps my husband laughing.

I like picnic lunches. This is a fun little thing Grayson and I do on the weekends we pull out a blanket and eat on the floor.

I love giving gifts. I just love the look on someones face when the open the thing I spent so much time picking out.

I make Grayson kiss me hello and goodbye everyday at school. Even if he is busy I make him stop and give Mama a kiss.

I always love spending time with my family. My boys are my world and I always make time for them even if it means skipping the laundry one more night.
I can't remember what blog I saw this on to link back to but I needed some easy writing today!


That one crazy morning

Last Friday was a crazy morning.......

Grayson woke up earlier than normal at 4:00. I went in his room got him out of his crib and told him it was still night night time and he could lay in mommy's bed with her. He fell back asleep and I drifted off when he woke up crying.

Okay bad dream he was trying to pull his shirt off because it had a bug in it. Whatever kid I helped him take his shirt off and tried to get him to go back to sleep it was only 4:45 I still had half an hour to sleep. Nope he started screaming " I go downstairs" I told him no he can't it's not time yet and Mommy still had to get dressed.

This went on for a good 2-3 mins and then bam my kid sat up looked me in the eye and slapped me across the face. What? Where did that come from? We don't hit in our house. Michael never hits me, I don't hit Michael we just don't hit.


Tears came instantly, I yelled his name loud and stern mostly from shock and then I froze,I didn't know what to do he started crying and so I picked him up and put him back in his room in his crib and shut the door. I sunk back in to my bed and cried. What was that?

I called Michael and told him he couldn't believe it. After about 5 mins I heard him over the monitor "I want my Mommy come in here". So in I went calmly and asked him to please say sorry.

This child would not look at me or let me pick him up.
I got him out of the crib and we went on to pick out his clothes for the morning and he continued to cry for no reason. Still he wouldn't look at me. I got so frustrated I prayed out loud to God to give me patience and help me in this moment right now with what to do because I was at a loss. 

Finally I picked him up and he cried more. So I looked right at him and said "Mommy's sorry she yelled and I love you but you hitting me hurt my feelings." He calmed right down laid his head on my shoulder and said "sowwy mommy I love you" And that was it. It was done.

His action of hitting me caused my reaction of crying and yelling causing his reaction of sorrow and fear.

Man raising a kid is hard. Did I handle this right? Probably not. But I did teach him to show love and apologize. I taught him to pray for guidance when you feel at your wits end. I even saw him watching me pray and folding his little hands while I did it.

And man can God just guide you if you only ask for help. 

That one crazy morning really opened my eyes and I think we both grew from it. 


Weekend Wrap Up- It was a good one

Friday after work I ran and got Grayson so that we could run a few errands and then head out to Dennis and Marie's house.

"running in the store quick" yeah that does not happen with a 2 year old, but he was so so good. We grabbed our party supplies and headed for baby doughnut Friday. Stopped off quick to grab his 3 wheeler and throw the cold stuff in the cooler and then we were off to Dennis and Marie's.

We got there and the guys had just finished a lap of racing so we chatted for a little bit got out G's power wheels let him take a few laps before the big boys got back on the bikes and then Grayson started picking up sticks in the yard. Something he learned from my father. He got hot wanted to swim in their kiddie pool that is meant for their dog but we let him go at it anyway. First with just his diaper and then that got filled up with water and he wanted it off so he went skinny dipping. #redneckswimming.

We left there around 7:40 got home for bath and bed for Grayson and we were not far behind him.

Saturday we got up early and watched some Barney and man that dinosaur is not my favorite but I will take it over a non education show. We made rice krispie treats that were a major fail because I didn't use butter. I only had margine and noticed after I made them that it said to only use butter. Ooops! we ate some anyway and then threw the rest out.

My sister called and asked to take Grayson to the park and farmer's market for a few hours. I agreed and while they were gone I mopped all my floors and cleaned Grayson's room. They brought me home zucchini and tomatoes and I made 2 loaves of zucchini bread and we had zucchini lasagna for dinner with venison sausage. It was so easy and super healthy. While I made dinner the boys swam and then we played outside for a little bit after dinner

Sunday Mom and I went to 8:30 service out at Smith's pond. There is something about worship outside in the early morning. It was beautiful. Grayson and I headed back home and stopped at a veggie stand after for sweet corn, peaches, and green beans. Then we got in some playing outside and naps for everyone. Mama was tired.

We headed to my parents house after for dinner and swimming and some poppers. Notice the bow on his head. He wanted to be a present, love that imagination. It was bed once we got home and then ice cream night for mommy and daddy.

Now it's back to work and counting down the time to being able to be home with my boys playing outside.

Happy Monday!