That one crazy morning

Last Friday was a crazy morning.......

Grayson woke up earlier than normal at 4:00. I went in his room got him out of his crib and told him it was still night night time and he could lay in mommy's bed with her. He fell back asleep and I drifted off when he woke up crying.

Okay bad dream he was trying to pull his shirt off because it had a bug in it. Whatever kid I helped him take his shirt off and tried to get him to go back to sleep it was only 4:45 I still had half an hour to sleep. Nope he started screaming " I go downstairs" I told him no he can't it's not time yet and Mommy still had to get dressed.

This went on for a good 2-3 mins and then bam my kid sat up looked me in the eye and slapped me across the face. What? Where did that come from? We don't hit in our house. Michael never hits me, I don't hit Michael we just don't hit.


Tears came instantly, I yelled his name loud and stern mostly from shock and then I froze,I didn't know what to do he started crying and so I picked him up and put him back in his room in his crib and shut the door. I sunk back in to my bed and cried. What was that?

I called Michael and told him he couldn't believe it. After about 5 mins I heard him over the monitor "I want my Mommy come in here". So in I went calmly and asked him to please say sorry.

This child would not look at me or let me pick him up.
I got him out of the crib and we went on to pick out his clothes for the morning and he continued to cry for no reason. Still he wouldn't look at me. I got so frustrated I prayed out loud to God to give me patience and help me in this moment right now with what to do because I was at a loss. 

Finally I picked him up and he cried more. So I looked right at him and said "Mommy's sorry she yelled and I love you but you hitting me hurt my feelings." He calmed right down laid his head on my shoulder and said "sowwy mommy I love you" And that was it. It was done.

His action of hitting me caused my reaction of crying and yelling causing his reaction of sorrow and fear.

Man raising a kid is hard. Did I handle this right? Probably not. But I did teach him to show love and apologize. I taught him to pray for guidance when you feel at your wits end. I even saw him watching me pray and folding his little hands while I did it.

And man can God just guide you if you only ask for help. 

That one crazy morning really opened my eyes and I think we both grew from it.