What UP Wednesday!

It is What's Up Wednesday!!!
Mix and Match Mama makes this day so wonderful and fun!

1. What are we eating? I had this last night and it was Divine! 
Chicken Quesadilla
The drink was amazing,
Pina Colada
 the food fabulous and the scenery wasn't so bad either

2. I'm reminiscing about.... how (almost) 6 years ago I was exactly one month from my wedding! Time flies when your raising little humans having fun!

3.What I'm loving.... Raisnetts. Random I know however Grayson loves chocolate and while I'm not that crazy sugar nazi mama I do like to limit the amount of chocolate that child consumes in a day. Somehow these chocolate covered raisins make me feel better. However now I grab handfuls here and there. Hey it's still fruit right?

4.What we've been up to.....Swimming! Swimming! Swimming! So thankful in the last 3 weeks that we have a pool!

5. What I'm dreading.....Nothing that I can think of

6. What I'm working on..... Grayson's big boy room and potty training. He is ready for a big boy room we just have to gut it, put up new drywall, new window, new flooring and assemble his furniture. Making a call to have someone come give us an estimate because man that sounds like so much!

7. What I'm excited about..... We have a fun family date to the zoo planned in August and Michael and I have a fun night planned for our anniversary!

8.What I'm watching/reading......Watching all the Real Housewives and It's All Relative. Love them both. I'm reading Raising Boys and Dad is Fat. Love them both

9. I'm listening to The Farmer in the Dell on repeat in my car all the time. #momlife

10.What I'm wearing.... These shorts from Old Navy that are super light and comfy and were $5 in the store and I love them! I think they were marked wrong in store because they are 11.50 online but still a great deal for the most comfy shorts ever!
Women's Patterned Twill Shorts (5

11.What I'm doing this weekend...... Relaxing and swimming. Soaking up all the time with my family outside that I can because before I know it this gorgeous weather will be gone

12. What I'm looking forward to next month.... Celebrating 6 years of marriage and 7 years of being together. Love this man!

13.What else is new.... Doing some minor updates on the house (new rug, hanging pictures) and now I'm contemplating painting my kitchen cabinets and kitchen. Ha! Let's see if I can convince the hubby on that one!

Bonus: What will I miss about summer? Ice cream, swimming, being able to take walks and just the sun!