It was just what I needed weekend re-cap

 This is how Friday afternoon went.
(I'm the one using all the emoji's)

My work week was just beyond anything I can describe. Just one of those weeks. Throw in being emotional on top of it and well that's just a recipe for disaster. 

I even went as far as trying to convince my husband to run away to Mexico in August for 3 days for our anniversary. When he told me no (because that's the adult thing to do not charge a trip we don't really need) I threw a fit. It was a mess. I was a mess. Just a mess. That was Thursday so when I got into work on Friday and it was just more of the same stuff different day kind of thing. I thew out an SOS. 

(and just for reference he is asking me to love him forever because he told me no about the trip)
Mama needed wine.

And pizza.

So that's what we had for dinner wine and pizza. It was just what I needed. 

 I drank and these two watched guitar videos Grayson's new obsession.

I stayed up way to late watching OITNB. I'm done with season 3 and I'm kind of just eh about it. It was very blah to me this year and well I hope they pick it up for season 4. I also watched Fifty Shades of Grey and again eh. It wasn't what I expected and it kind of disturbed me. I'm sticking to romcoms from now on.

Saturday it was up early for a BJ's (our version of costco or sam's club) run we needed diaper's (hoping this ends soon!!!!) wipes and dog food. My mom and sister went with us and then we went for pedicures and lunch afterwards.

Grayson was sooooo good and sat in the chair dipping his toes in the water with my Mom I just love that little boy.

He loved Panera Mac n cheese and the yogurt!

After nap Michael vacuumed the pool while Grayson and I made a "track". This is a new thing that he does he will line up a bunch of stuff and call it a track. So I drank ice coffee and we built a track with our puzzles.

After a family swim we needed food and fast since it was getting late so we opted for drive thru McDonald's. It was wonderful and a huge first happened. Grayson ate a chicken nugget!!!! Half of one actually and it was awesome.

Then we had a fun glow in the dark bath. I bought glow sticks at the dollar store and cracked them and shut the lights off. Grayson thought it was the best. We even had a dance party afterwards shaking the glows sticks around.

Sunday it was coffee and coloring before church. 

Then we swam like crazy with Lib and B. Which made for a wonderful long nap. 

We spend the rest of the day coloring and just being a family as Grayson says.
Also building towers without pants on because that's the only way to do it. 

It was the perfect weekend.