I am

I am a mess most days

I keep wishing for more hours in the day. I want more time with my boys, more time to write, more time to play. Just more time.

I wish I could take a vacation to somewhere tropical. A swim up bar and the beach just me and the hubby.

I sing all the time. Random things usually to make Grayson laugh.

I dance during Monsters University when they are all at the party. We watch this movie at least 4 times a week and so Grayson and I always get up to dance during that scene. Plus we dance after bath. I put Pandora on and we jam out.

I think in this age of social media that people think their opinions matter more than they do. In the last few month with Caitlyn Jenner coming out and the whole Josh Duggar scandal I think that people insert themselves where they shouldn't. Listen everyone has to answer for their own doings not anyone elses so just let people be. Everyone is big and bad behind a computer.

I really want Burger King chicken fries and a pina colada. Not together thought.

I need a pedicure

I should make an appointment for a pedicure since I have a gift card for one

I can  worry about nothing. It's a gift really one that keeps my husband laughing.

I like picnic lunches. This is a fun little thing Grayson and I do on the weekends we pull out a blanket and eat on the floor.

I love giving gifts. I just love the look on someones face when the open the thing I spent so much time picking out.

I make Grayson kiss me hello and goodbye everyday at school. Even if he is busy I make him stop and give Mama a kiss.

I always love spending time with my family. My boys are my world and I always make time for them even if it means skipping the laundry one more night.
I can't remember what blog I saw this on to link back to but I needed some easy writing today!