H-A-double L- O-W-double E-N!!!!

H-A-double L- O-W-double E-N spells HALLOWEEN!!!!
Anyone else sing that song in school every single year??? No just my po-dunk school in the sticks?

Anyway I hope everyone has a fun and safe Holiday and I can't wait to see every one's costumes!
We are heading to my brother's to trick or treat and for dinner!
Words cannot describe how excited I am to celebrate with my nugget!!!
Pictures to come!




 Life After I Dew

So What
I'm a zombie today and will probably not be very productive at work aside from my usual duties. I coughed my brains out last night and got maybe 5 hours of sleep. At least I still showed up right?
So What
My cupboards look like Mother Hubbard's as in no food. I have been busy and shopping has fallen on the wayside.
So What
I have eaten soup for lunch the past two days and that is what I'm eating again today (see previous line)

So What
 If I'm going shopping on Saturday with my Mom and I'm dying to buy some new decor for the house. That my friends = disaster to my budget

So What
If Grayson has 2 Halloween costumes. His real costume has a hood on it and therefore he cannot wear it to daycare because of the whole napping thing so we had to get him a 2nd. It's really just PJ's that look like a costume (the batman ones) and my mom bought them so I'm not that crazy.

So What
If the only person in my "real" life that knows about his blog is my Husband.

So What
If I have slacked on my food choices and working out lately. November 1st my hubby and I both are starting the 30 day shred for real this time.

So What
If I'm day dreaming about my bed. It's cold out my bed is warm and I'm tired!!!


Being a grown up sucks

When your a kid and you don't feel good you get to stay home from school and take the WHOLE day off. When your a grown up unless you are on your death bed you still have to suck it up and drag your booty into work because it's all about the $$$$. And then even after work you still have to go home and take care of things like the house, your spouse, the dog, your baby (not in any specific order)

When your a kid you don't worry about a car breaking because duh you can't drive but when your a grown up that ish always pops up at the most convenient times (cue eye roll and sarcastic snicker here). The radiator went in our truck oh joy lets dump a couple hundred dollars into that.

When your a kid you have summers off of school and only have to worry about playing and sleeping and eating and yourself.
When your a grown up summer is just a season and it is not always followed by the word vacation.

But as I was writing all of that there are a lot of things I love about being a grown up. I mean for one being a wife and a mom. You can't be those when you are a kid (well you can but you get it).

I love my life but sometimes I get bogged down with the "oh crap the shit is hitting the fan again at the wrong time" stuff.
So yes it sucks that we have to put $200.00 into our truck and that it wasn't finished on time so that means Michael had to pick me up from work and take me back in. But at least we have a car and a house and heat and food and each other.

Since my boys picked me up from work yesterday we got to have a little family time together at the local hardware store that has a Christmas shop upstairs. It was fun, it was relaxing, it got me out of my Monday funk. We bought Grayson his first ornament, it was just us in the shop upstairs walking around showing Grayson Santa and it was perfect a perfect little moment in time that I will enjoy over and over again. 

I try hard very hard to be thankful, and grateful, and to know that I truly am blessed but when the not so fun stuff hits it's easier to dwell on that.

So tonight when I go home I'm going to hug my boys a little bit tighter and be happy that I'm a grown up.


The weekend and other things

Friday- My sister came and took G to beggars night. He only stayed out for about an hour and it was all inside. He had a good time. Then came home and after a struggle (more on that later) We finally got him to sleep. Well my husband did because I was having a panic attack (OK I'm being dramatic)

Saturday- Started out like any normal day G slept in until 7:45!!! And so did this momma. We played, he refused his cereal but still went down for his nap and then it his me. I started to sweat and fell sick to my stomach my head filled up and the head was a pounding. I took a shower ate some soup and crawled into bed at 4:00 in the afternoon. I stayed in bed all night and my husband is a saint who got G to bed and got up with him throughout the night. He even called my mom and had her come get G in the morning.

Sunday- I woke up at 6 to my Mom being at my house. I helped her get G's food around and she took him for the day. I crawled back into bed at 7:15 and slept until 1:30. I finally got up and took some migraine medicine and started to fell better. We headed to my parents house to carve pumpkins. I was mostly on the couch but we did get some cute pictures of G in the pumpkin.

So since our weekend was a bust because Momma was bed ridden there is not too much to report.

I'm so thankful that I have the amazing husband that I do and that my parents are awesome and can help me out. I was so scared to be with G alone because I kept getting dizzy.

Anyway Grayson has been weening himself off of formula? I say that with a question mark because he has started to refuse the bottle and cereal.
This is his old eating schedule
7:00 6oz. bottle
10:00 6 oz. bottle and 2tbps. of cereal mixed with half a container of fruit
1:00 6oz. bottle
4:00 1 container of stage 2 foods (Turkey and rice or a veggie)
7:00 8oz. bottle and 2tbps. of cereal mixed with half a container of fruit

Now he is eating like this
7:00 6 oz. bottle
10:00 half fruit and 6 oz bottle
3:00-4:00 1 container of stage 2 foods and half a container of fruit
7:00 8 oz bottle (sometimes only drinking 6oz. of it)

This really freaked me out on Friday. I could not figure out why he was refusing food. My chunky thigh ed little boy had NEVER refused food. I called my mom and she said to just watch it and that if he didn't eat in the morning to call the doctor. Well he sucked down is morning bottle and ate his fruit without cereal but was still refusing the 1:00 bottle.

Have any other Mommy's ever had this happen? I just worry that he is not getting enough formula. But I guess he knows what he needs?? Why are babies so hard sometimes? I meant that in the best way.

He has also started to fight sleep at night and I think that is because he has been taking a cat nap around between 3:00 and 4:00. I feel like sometimes that as soon as we get into a grove with him and have his routine down pat he decided to change it up on us.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!


Five on Friday

 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

This weekend is filled with nothing but fall / Halloween goodness
The only thing on the books is Carving pumpkins and making candy corn shaped cookies!

I'm thankful for take out because without it we would have starved. With G being sick this week and running to the doctors like it's our job we ate out 3 nights so far


London Fog® Baby Boys' Navy Chest Stripe Bubble Jacket

This is the jacket that we just picked up the Grayson yesterday. It has been in the 30's in the morning so a winter coat was in dire need. Thank goodness Bon-Ton had a kick ass sale going on and we got a $70.00 coat for $22.00



Our tree died two years ago. I got it for cheep the day after Christmas sale and well one section of lights stopped working so we threw it out his year during our organize the attic day. We didn't even set it up last year because we thought we would be moving around Christmas time. Anyway I'm in love with this tree. However the price well maybe out of the budget that my Hubby gives me so I will adjust. Hopefully we will be ordering in the next few weeks to have it in time for our decorating!

This picture of me and my babe. It's a nightly scene at our house bed time
 kisses! Thanks to my sissy for capturing this moment!



An update of sorts on the little man that rules my roost (and heart).

First of all why a doctor tells you ASAP and then is not in the office the next day to read the results blows my effing mind. Get real people if you tell me Go! Now! Fast! Timeisoftheessence! I do it duh!
Anyway (be prepared for little vents like that sprinkled through out the rest of the post)
G needed the x-ray done to determine if the constant congestion was caused by enlarged adenoids.
So I took half a day on Tuesday and off we went to get the x-ray done.
First of all the technician we had was amaze balls. He was really nice and calm and that is what my baby jives well with so it went flawlessly. He did not make a noise, no crying, no yelling ( a normal for him). He just stared at the lights.
We were in and out within an hour which in my book equals success. They told us your doctor will have the results within the hour. So I'm thinking hey 4 ish we should be hearing from the doctor.

Well in case you don't know this about me when it comes to things like this well I jump the gun. We called at 3:30. Had to leave a message and then about an hour later got a call saying "James is not in the office and since he wrote the script only he can read the results so it won't be until tomorrow." I think steam came through my ears but in reality what difference did it make I just like to be dramatic sometimes.

Grayson was just off all night I could tell and his right eye started to goop up. He went down relatively easy but woke up at 10 got rocked back to sleep and was back out for the night until 3:30 when we woke up to a black tar like poop. I made a note about it and got him back to bed. My sister stayed at our house with him so he did not have to go to daycare.
Thankfully the doctor called me at 8:05 and said yes he has enlarged adenoids. And gave me a referral for an ENT. It just happened to be the same ENT that removed my tonsills and adenoids some odd years ago. The earliest they can get us in is December 10th. Blah and now I'm just crossing my fingers that we can get this surgery done on our current insurance (another story for another day).
 My sister called me around 9:00 saying he had another black tar like poop and it smelled awful. I did the sensible crazy thing and googled it. I got a variety of answers that all said go call your doctor. So I did again for the 3rd time this week.

They said of course bring him in. As previously stated I CANNOT leave work on Wednesday's. So my hubby took him to the doctor with the diapers in question in tow. They tested them right in the office and they tested negative for blood. It is probably his body adjusting to the new foods that we are giving him. They also rechecked his eyes and said they looked good. His cough well they said it will take time. They told my husband that we were doing a good job and that he looks healthy aside from the nose and cough. That made me feel good because as a parent when your babe is sick you feel helpless.

We sent him to daycare today because he seemed fine yesterday. Still laughing and playing in his jumper. We did have a diaper explosion last night that was up the back but it was right before bath time so in he went a few minutes early. He has been fighting the cereal at night it takes FOREVER to feed him but I think that is just his teeth coming through.

My hubby and I were talking about the whole adenoid surgery situation and while it makes us both nervous if my kid can breath better and not have constant congestion we will have put aside our fears and get him better. Ultimately we will do what the ENT says. He is the best in our area so trust him fully and he did an awesome job taking the ish out of my head.



My husband has Hobbies. Yes plural! It's all good he needs the hobbies to stay sane. He plays guitar (totally self taught) and he has a Camaro. Which he has rebuilt 90% of it. I love that he has things that he loves.

I myself not so much a hobby girl. I mean don't get me wrong I love to craft as much as the next one. And I even at one point had a little side business with my craft stuff, however becoming a Mom changed my time.

I don't have the time to put into the craft business. I barley have time to use the bathroom clean the house most days.

Being a work outside of the home mom is hard. I'm not trying to discount stay at home mom's or work from home mom's because lets get real those are equally hard. It's just working outside of the house is a different hard. A I'm not home alllllll day and when I am home so is my baby and husband and dog(he never leaves weirdo) and they all pull me in a million directions until bed time and then when I wake up oh yeah that's right I have to go back to work kind of hard.

I chose to work outside of the home. We need the health insurance. Which is now changing anyway. But even if we didn't, I don't know if I could be a stay at home mom. See I give huge props to any parent out there who stays at home and there are days I long for that but I don't know if I could do it. OK I take that back I know I could do it and would maybe even love it but it's not my reality so I don't let myself go there. I can't because I would go into a tail spin.

When I was on my extended maternity leave I chose to work from home for a few weeks to have more time with my chubby babe and it was HARD. My job is time sensitive so there is no oh the baby is crying I can finish this later. Nope my job does NOT work like that. So I knew right then and there that even if my company allowed it, that working from home would not be an option.

OK so now that I got way off the topic back to hobbies. My time is spread so thing between working and mommying (new word I know I'm cool) and then being a kick ass wife well I have nothing left to give.

Then today a deal came through my living social. For to photography classes. I have always looked at photos and wanted to do that so I called my Dad who also loves it and asked him to join me. Well after looking over the schedule we both bought the voucher for 2 classes. To say I'm excited is an understatement. See picking up photography as a hobby is something I can do and involve my baby and my husband and my dog. So it's a win win. I get to have something that is all mine and still be with my family.

For what it's worth I know I rambled in this post but that's how my brain works. So if you followed all the way clappy hands for you! and if you just skipped to this sentence I get it.


Not your average Monday

This is where is spent my Monday night

Michael called me at work and said that his eye was starting to swell and that it had green crap in it. I called the doctor and they said bring him in. He has pink eye AGAIN and now today we have to go for a x-ray of his neck. They think that my perfect nugget of a child may have enlarged adenoids and/or sinuses. Whatever it is he has chronic congestion. I mean it has become daily routine to suck out his nose with the aspirator and then put the saline in. That my friends should NOT be normal for 6 months. Yes we have been battling this for 6 months.

First they told us it was due to his reflux so we listened and thought that after a month of the medicine for reflux that the constantly draining, runny nose would subside. Oh no it just stayed. the. exact. same. I was tired of going to the doctor and having them tell me he just had a head cold.

Well yesterday was the last straw. I told them that something wasn't right and now he has a cough and pink eye. I was to the point of screaming through my tears "JUST DO SOMETHING FOR MY BABY ALREADY". We saw the nurse practitioner James yesterday and he agreed. Something is not right. So an x-ray today will hopefully give us some answers. They did check his oxygen levels yesterday and they were perfect as in could not get any better. So at least we know it's NOT in his lungs. Thank God.

I feel like every month I write a oh shit my baby is sick again post. But the thing is he is still the happiest baby alive. The one nurse walked in yesterday and said "oh you can't feel that bad your still smiling!" after which I almost judo chopped her in the throat because she made me feel like an over hyper ohcrapmybabycoughedbringhimtothedoctor type of parent.

I'm thankful he is still happy and I'm hoping we figure out this congestion thing. I have cried I think a 295232 since last night because for real yo his eye is bad and the cough just cuts me to my core. I also woke up in the middle of the night convinced that I myself had pink eye and gave it to him at which point I started crying all over again ( I know G is 7 months but can I still blame that on hormones?, and for the record I do NOT have pink eye)


This, that and the weekend

Friday night was pure relaxation. It's nice to just spend time at home with my family doing nothing but cuddling your 7 month old baby.

Saturday- We had a great morning not that every morning that I get to be home with my nugget isn't great but there was just something about Saturday that was awesome. We played and then he ate his cereal and bottle and went off to dream land. For 3 hours!!! I got a ton done. 3 loads of laundry, dusting the living room, cleaning his toys, vacuumed the whole house, and got myself ready for the day. My boy woke up so so happy we got dressed and then ran to pick up my sister and went to a little shop in the town she lives in. This town is my Achilles heal because I could spend a TON of money there on decor for my home however I gave myself a budget and came in under it. I got some cute hand painted wooden turkey's (mucho cuteness I will take picture and post later) and a cute hook for G's room to hang his towel on, and a nice sign for our bedroom with the saying "forever, and always no matter what". Then my sissy came home with us and Michael and I got ready and we headed out to our local Junior Wilson Club for a few drinks and some wings it was a blast until I got home and fell asleep and one hour later ONE HOUR LATER G woke up. I swear they know when momma has had a few drinks. I broke down in mommy weakness and gave him a night bottle something he has not had in 4 months and well he fell asleep and stayed asleep until 7 the next morning. Growth spurt? I don't know.

Sunday- We relaxed all day he took decent naps and I relaxed and cleaned the bathroom until we had to go to dinner with the family. It was my Grandma's 88th birthday dinner. I'm so blessed to still have her with me (she is my dad's mom) and the joy she had on her face when she is surrounded by her children, grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren is simply amazing.


G's first teeth are breaking through. It's on the bottom and you can feel the little sharp points the top gums are supper soft so I'm hoping for all 4 teeth to come in at once. He has been a little more fussy lately which now I know why.

We started 2nd foods he loves them however I do not love the diapers that come with them I almost lost my cookies this morning. When can we start potty training?

This week we plan to go to a pumpkin patch and have some fun family moments!
Happy Monday everyone!!!


7 Months

Dear Grayson,
Baby boy you are amazing. I love you more everyday and when I'm not with you my heart aches. You and your daddy mean the world to me. This month well you changed every second I think. When we went for your 6 month check up the doctor said to work on you sitting on your own ( because you should already be). Well my boy likes a challenge and you were sitting on your own within the week. You body surf more than crawl but some how you still get around with out actually crawling. You roll and pull your bottom half around. You go in circles a lot and smile the whole time you do it. Speaking of smiling well you have added a tongue to that smile of yours. You have also started to reach for people. It guarantees you a pick up because it melts Mommy's heart.
Your eating it still stellar. You get 4- 6 oz. bottles a day and one 8 oz at night. You get cereal twice a day mixed with fruit and veggies once a day. This month you will be starting stage 2 foods.

No teeth yet baby boy, but we are OK with it because we are fond of that gummy smile. You are still sleeping like a champ through the night 7-7 or 6-6 just depends on your naps. Which when you are home with mommy and daddy you get 2 solid hour and a half naps a day. At daycare notsomuch. I think it is too busy there and you can't get calmed down enough. Your acid reflux has been great however your formula gave us a run for your money when it constipated you, don't worry we worked through it and found a solution. Your stuffy nose well that seems to be a constant and the doctor tells us it will run it's course so we juts roll with it. 9 month clothes are what fit you best but you are wearing 12 month too. Your chunky and we love it. Bath time with Daddy rules in your book. Although it is now like the Shamu show at Sea world with how much you splash. Daddy comes out every night soaked but smiling.

Reading is one of your favorite things to do and music that just makes you go crazy. I guess it has to do with all the times momma played music for  you while you were in "the cave" as daddy calls it. You love to stand and "pet" your fur brother Riley. I use the word pet loosely because it's more like pull his fur but he lets you so it's all good. You have started pulling down your bumpers in your crib to see out in the morning when we walk in the door, and sometimes before we come in the room. I can hear it on the monitor and it makes me laugh because your such a boy. You have also started crying when people you don't know or aren't familiar with try to hold you. It has only happened a few times but I get it some people come on strong and it's a lot.

Grayson we love you so so very much. Your daddy and I sit sometimes and wonder what it is we did right to have you. I love you more than words can say and thank God every night that I get to watch this person form in front of my eyes and that he calls me Momma. I love you bubbie lou!!!
 Love forever
Your Momma


Friday 5


These Jimmy Jams

, Navy, hi-res

It's PJ day at daycare! I never send G out of the house in PJ's he gets dressed just like everyone else however when it's PJ day we bend the rules. I sent him in these monster one's and they are so cute on him!

2nd foods

Product Details

We started G on 2nd foods and he loves them!!!! The mixed fruit is his favorite and he opens his mouth so wide for the chicken and rice! We decided it was time because he started to become difficult at feeding time and I think he bored with the bland flavors.

Product Details

I'm obsessed with Duck Dynasty

Cool Mist

Product Details

Ordered this for G's room. His stuffy nose has been persistant and the one we had started to not work so good.( it was bought in a rush and was only $20.00) I did a ton of research and this for the most part highly recomended so it's on it's way to our humble abode and hopefully it helps!

My boy came to visit me at work yesterday! 


Let's say SO WHAT

So What.....
Life After I Dew

We are ordering office lunch and I'm getting a not so healthy Stromboli

I contemplated getting chicken wings too

I have yet to take care of the laundry from 2 weeks ago

I wore one of Michael's sweatshirts to work today because it was on the chair I didn't feel like going back upstairs to get one of mine

I freak out every month that I might be pregnant when I know I'm not but you see before G my monthly bill was like clock work same time on the same day now well things are still adjusting I guess????(sorry maybe TMI)

I'm counting down the days until Saturday when I get to go out with my husband for a few hours we need some adult time without worrying about the next bottle, poop diapers, and bath time

I feel guilty for going out on Saturday because I should be with my baby at all times ( I think there is a Mom Guilt switch that once you pop that baby out gets turned on starting the internal battle that is Motherhood)

I had ice cream on Monday the little shop around the corner was closing for the season and we had only gone once all summer so I begged mentioned to my husband that it was the last night and after bed time he grabbed it for us

I want to get married again  (to the same man of course) just so I can have the wedding I have "pinned".


Random things

I try to grocery shop on Monday's but yesterday I did not have coupons or a list made out so I'm going today however Tuesday at my store is 6% off for anyone over 60 so that equals shopping that takes longer. I kick myself every time I forget this and go on Tuesday

I have been slacking on working out. I'm about 15 pounds from my weight  but 25 from my ideal weight. I fell off track last week when we had a no sleep night and I feel like I just now a whole week later have caught up.

I'm seriously considering doing a cleanse.....anyone have any recommendations???

The phrase "surround yourself with positive people" has been going through my head a lot lately.

My wedding band still does not fit!! This drives my husband crazy because twice now he has been called my boyfriend or fiance. I don't want to get it sized until I have lost all the weight so I keep pushing him off.

I'm so excited for all the firsts with Grayson we are about to have. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas! I just can't wait!!!!

I love the Gilmore Girls. I watch it on Soapnet and I have watched the complete series I think I'm on round 5. It's an obsession and I watch it every week!

I have the worst time at keeping my table cleared. It becomes a catch all and then when we go to eat dinner there it takes a good 20 mins to get it cleared so most nights we eat in the living room. It's just easier right now because G is in his jumper and occupied. Once he starts eating what we eat well then we will HAVE to eat at the table.

I get asked at least 4 times a week about baby #2. I'm not ready yet and I want to scream it at the people that ask however I smile and say not yet just enjoying this one!

I need new pants. However I just do not want to spend the money when I want to lose more weight but the only pants I have that I can wear and 2 sizes to big and I look frumpy.

I want to go to the movies. However having no days off together makes it hard. I'm trying to plan a night the Wednesday before Thanksgiving since we both have it off.

I ordered my Christmas cards from Minted if you click on the link you get $25.00 off and they address your cards. Done and Done. Plus upload your photo later? So awesome. I got the idea from Katie @ loves of life. 
She is awesome and has a great blog and amazing pictures. I searched the minted site for hours (3 hours to be exact) trying to find the perfect card and I did. Now to get the pictures taken that will go on that card well I'm not there yet.

My office is dressing up for Halloween. My boss requested that everyone (all 5 of us) dress up so I went basic. I ordered scrubs and a stethoscope from amazon for a grand total of $25.00. I know it's lame but I'm not into the big fancy make up costumes.

I signed up for Mint.com to help with our budget. I'm excited for our future and all things we have in the works. Money is hard yo and I have never been good at it. This is visual and hopefully it helps me.

I'm over working. Not really we need my job for health insurance and well the money doesn't hurt but sometimes I want to be home in yoga pants watching CMT with my boys. Blah


Weekend Fun

Busy is what we were this weekend!!!

Friday after grabbing my nugget from daycare we went home to spend some time with Daddy. My sister dropped by and had dinner with us. Then it was bed time routine and since we are so wild and crazy we went to bed at 7:30 I know I know watch out people!!!

Saturday- G and I got up and played. We have started a new routine where we keep him awake until his 10:00 bottle and then we are guaranteed a good nap from him. So he slept from 10:15 until 12:00 which was perfect. I got so much done in that time I scrubbed the bathroom and cleaned the living room, showered and ate lunch! Then once Grayson got up he ate his bottle and we headed out to my parents. We met them and then went to the 50th birthday party. It was a nice day (as long as you were in the sun). I brought a blanket and we laid it out and Libby and Grayson played for hours together. She really is such a sweetheart with him. Then after dinner G and I headed home so he could get some snuggles in with Daddy before bed time.

Sunday- I had a bridal shower so my Dad came over and sat with Grayson until Michael got home. Grayson was so good all day and even took a nap for my Dad. I always tell Michael that we are blessed to have an easy going, good natured baby. The bridal shower was beautiful and the food was awesome. My mom took G overnight because Michael had to work on Monday so we had a mini date night at home. Which consisted of watching football and eating food. Hot stuff I tell you. We were in bed and asleep by 8 because we are that lame cool.

Here are some pictures

Watching a Paul McCartney concert

standing like a big boy
playing with his brother

G is Batman

In Daddy's had

With Momma before she left for the shower!


My very fall porch and more

Ok so this is basically just a photo dump but I FINALLY decorated my front porch and living room is now complete. It usually takes me a few days to get it exactly like I want it. The dining room is still a work in progress but I have put those pictures on here too. I love fall and every year I add to my collection of decor. The mums on my front porch will only be there for a few weeks because I'm going to plant them under the front windows of the house.

This is my whiskey barrel that sits on the side of my driveway to cover an old well!! I got this giant Mum for $20.00 a steal in my opinion since I only buy one!

This is the front corner of my porch. I love these "pink" pumpkins and I got them for $5.00 each again Loved the price!
This is my little bistro set that  I got from amazon 2 years ago for $100.00 I love it and we use it all the time!!! The two ghost/ pumpkins were made by yours truly. I used to have a little side craft business that I would paint and wood burn wood gourds and sell them but now well Grayson is what it's all about!
This table was bought at an auction for $5.00!! I move it around all the time but it seemed fitting on the front porch for this season!

I debated putting this picture up. I'm not a fan of the outside of the house because our trim doesn't match and my flower beds are not perfect. But it's our house and it keeps us safe and warm so I'm going to be proud of it I guess.

The living room!! We have awesome built-ins that I decorate for every holiday and when it's not a holiday is filled with pictures here it is for fall/Halloween!!

I made the candy corns and the little pumpkins!!
Ignore Gilmore Girls on in the back ground here are my cute little pumpkins and sign. all that decor cost me $10.00 total!!
There is my milk jug decorated with leaves and a pumpkin!!

This is the buffet in the dining room and it is kind of a mess but there is still fall sprinkled in. My whole house is always a work in progress
This pitcher and bowl were my Great Grandmothers! I love it so much and was honored when my grandmother gave it to me.

Ok so this is not fall really but it one of my favorite things ever. This is our guest book from our wedding! I love that it is on display and I smile every time I pass it.

So not much to look at but it's mine!


5 on Friday

Here we go...............


Boogie Wipes

Fresh Scent Boogie Wipes Saline Nose Wipes 120 Ct.

These have been a life saver and I didn't realize we were down to our last one!!!! Thankfully Amazon Mom saved the day and they made it here and he we only had to go one day without them.

Day's of the week board

Board Dudes 7.5" x 23" Horizontal Magnetic Dry Erase/Cork Weekly Planner Combo Board (44062VA-4)

I got this in the same order to help with meal planning, and organizing. This way we can list meals and plans for the week and we can be on the same page with a quick look at the fridge where we will hang it with magnets.

Zulily Invite


If you are not a member of this site go sign up now. I have talked about it before but I just saved a bundle with the Under Armour sale they had going on. It's free and they have a TON of awesome deals.

The noises that come from the bathroom at tubby time. The interaction between Michael and Grayson is the best sound. I'm in the kitchen getting his bottle and cereal ready and I can hear Michael singing and talking to him and Grayson coo'ing and laughing at him.

This Book 
This Book
and This Book

One, Two...Boo!

I got the idea from Darci over at the good life blog when she wrote a post about her and her mini's favorite books. I had those things ordered so fast and since we have 2 day shipping I got them yesterday. We read them all multiple times and G loves them!

Happy Friday!!!


Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is my man's Birthday. He is 35 and he may or may not be struggling with that fact.

Today's post will be short and sweet.

He is simply amazing, the backbone of our family, and everything to me.
Happy Birthday hubba!!! I love you and beef soup is already in the crock pot!