Being a grown up sucks

When your a kid and you don't feel good you get to stay home from school and take the WHOLE day off. When your a grown up unless you are on your death bed you still have to suck it up and drag your booty into work because it's all about the $$$$. And then even after work you still have to go home and take care of things like the house, your spouse, the dog, your baby (not in any specific order)

When your a kid you don't worry about a car breaking because duh you can't drive but when your a grown up that ish always pops up at the most convenient times (cue eye roll and sarcastic snicker here). The radiator went in our truck oh joy lets dump a couple hundred dollars into that.

When your a kid you have summers off of school and only have to worry about playing and sleeping and eating and yourself.
When your a grown up summer is just a season and it is not always followed by the word vacation.

But as I was writing all of that there are a lot of things I love about being a grown up. I mean for one being a wife and a mom. You can't be those when you are a kid (well you can but you get it).

I love my life but sometimes I get bogged down with the "oh crap the shit is hitting the fan again at the wrong time" stuff.
So yes it sucks that we have to put $200.00 into our truck and that it wasn't finished on time so that means Michael had to pick me up from work and take me back in. But at least we have a car and a house and heat and food and each other.

Since my boys picked me up from work yesterday we got to have a little family time together at the local hardware store that has a Christmas shop upstairs. It was fun, it was relaxing, it got me out of my Monday funk. We bought Grayson his first ornament, it was just us in the shop upstairs walking around showing Grayson Santa and it was perfect a perfect little moment in time that I will enjoy over and over again. 

I try hard very hard to be thankful, and grateful, and to know that I truly am blessed but when the not so fun stuff hits it's easier to dwell on that.

So tonight when I go home I'm going to hug my boys a little bit tighter and be happy that I'm a grown up.