This, that and the weekend

Friday night was pure relaxation. It's nice to just spend time at home with my family doing nothing but cuddling your 7 month old baby.

Saturday- We had a great morning not that every morning that I get to be home with my nugget isn't great but there was just something about Saturday that was awesome. We played and then he ate his cereal and bottle and went off to dream land. For 3 hours!!! I got a ton done. 3 loads of laundry, dusting the living room, cleaning his toys, vacuumed the whole house, and got myself ready for the day. My boy woke up so so happy we got dressed and then ran to pick up my sister and went to a little shop in the town she lives in. This town is my Achilles heal because I could spend a TON of money there on decor for my home however I gave myself a budget and came in under it. I got some cute hand painted wooden turkey's (mucho cuteness I will take picture and post later) and a cute hook for G's room to hang his towel on, and a nice sign for our bedroom with the saying "forever, and always no matter what". Then my sissy came home with us and Michael and I got ready and we headed out to our local Junior Wilson Club for a few drinks and some wings it was a blast until I got home and fell asleep and one hour later ONE HOUR LATER G woke up. I swear they know when momma has had a few drinks. I broke down in mommy weakness and gave him a night bottle something he has not had in 4 months and well he fell asleep and stayed asleep until 7 the next morning. Growth spurt? I don't know.

Sunday- We relaxed all day he took decent naps and I relaxed and cleaned the bathroom until we had to go to dinner with the family. It was my Grandma's 88th birthday dinner. I'm so blessed to still have her with me (she is my dad's mom) and the joy she had on her face when she is surrounded by her children, grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren is simply amazing.


G's first teeth are breaking through. It's on the bottom and you can feel the little sharp points the top gums are supper soft so I'm hoping for all 4 teeth to come in at once. He has been a little more fussy lately which now I know why.

We started 2nd foods he loves them however I do not love the diapers that come with them I almost lost my cookies this morning. When can we start potty training?

This week we plan to go to a pumpkin patch and have some fun family moments!
Happy Monday everyone!!!