Not your average Monday

This is where is spent my Monday night

Michael called me at work and said that his eye was starting to swell and that it had green crap in it. I called the doctor and they said bring him in. He has pink eye AGAIN and now today we have to go for a x-ray of his neck. They think that my perfect nugget of a child may have enlarged adenoids and/or sinuses. Whatever it is he has chronic congestion. I mean it has become daily routine to suck out his nose with the aspirator and then put the saline in. That my friends should NOT be normal for 6 months. Yes we have been battling this for 6 months.

First they told us it was due to his reflux so we listened and thought that after a month of the medicine for reflux that the constantly draining, runny nose would subside. Oh no it just stayed. the. exact. same. I was tired of going to the doctor and having them tell me he just had a head cold.

Well yesterday was the last straw. I told them that something wasn't right and now he has a cough and pink eye. I was to the point of screaming through my tears "JUST DO SOMETHING FOR MY BABY ALREADY". We saw the nurse practitioner James yesterday and he agreed. Something is not right. So an x-ray today will hopefully give us some answers. They did check his oxygen levels yesterday and they were perfect as in could not get any better. So at least we know it's NOT in his lungs. Thank God.

I feel like every month I write a oh shit my baby is sick again post. But the thing is he is still the happiest baby alive. The one nurse walked in yesterday and said "oh you can't feel that bad your still smiling!" after which I almost judo chopped her in the throat because she made me feel like an over hyper ohcrapmybabycoughedbringhimtothedoctor type of parent.

I'm thankful he is still happy and I'm hoping we figure out this congestion thing. I have cried I think a 295232 since last night because for real yo his eye is bad and the cough just cuts me to my core. I also woke up in the middle of the night convinced that I myself had pink eye and gave it to him at which point I started crying all over again ( I know G is 7 months but can I still blame that on hormones?, and for the record I do NOT have pink eye)