7 Months

Dear Grayson,
Baby boy you are amazing. I love you more everyday and when I'm not with you my heart aches. You and your daddy mean the world to me. This month well you changed every second I think. When we went for your 6 month check up the doctor said to work on you sitting on your own ( because you should already be). Well my boy likes a challenge and you were sitting on your own within the week. You body surf more than crawl but some how you still get around with out actually crawling. You roll and pull your bottom half around. You go in circles a lot and smile the whole time you do it. Speaking of smiling well you have added a tongue to that smile of yours. You have also started to reach for people. It guarantees you a pick up because it melts Mommy's heart.
Your eating it still stellar. You get 4- 6 oz. bottles a day and one 8 oz at night. You get cereal twice a day mixed with fruit and veggies once a day. This month you will be starting stage 2 foods.

No teeth yet baby boy, but we are OK with it because we are fond of that gummy smile. You are still sleeping like a champ through the night 7-7 or 6-6 just depends on your naps. Which when you are home with mommy and daddy you get 2 solid hour and a half naps a day. At daycare notsomuch. I think it is too busy there and you can't get calmed down enough. Your acid reflux has been great however your formula gave us a run for your money when it constipated you, don't worry we worked through it and found a solution. Your stuffy nose well that seems to be a constant and the doctor tells us it will run it's course so we juts roll with it. 9 month clothes are what fit you best but you are wearing 12 month too. Your chunky and we love it. Bath time with Daddy rules in your book. Although it is now like the Shamu show at Sea world with how much you splash. Daddy comes out every night soaked but smiling.

Reading is one of your favorite things to do and music that just makes you go crazy. I guess it has to do with all the times momma played music for  you while you were in "the cave" as daddy calls it. You love to stand and "pet" your fur brother Riley. I use the word pet loosely because it's more like pull his fur but he lets you so it's all good. You have started pulling down your bumpers in your crib to see out in the morning when we walk in the door, and sometimes before we come in the room. I can hear it on the monitor and it makes me laugh because your such a boy. You have also started crying when people you don't know or aren't familiar with try to hold you. It has only happened a few times but I get it some people come on strong and it's a lot.

Grayson we love you so so very much. Your daddy and I sit sometimes and wonder what it is we did right to have you. I love you more than words can say and thank God every night that I get to watch this person form in front of my eyes and that he calls me Momma. I love you bubbie lou!!!
 Love forever
Your Momma