I have a whole post done up with my fall tour pictures all loaded in it courtesy of my iphone but today I feel the need to type this post up.

My hubby and I have been discussing timing a lot lately. Everything seems to be on a time limit. For example this summer we got a pool so that turned into we neeeeed a deck and when is the right time for that? Well we settled on the spring of 2014 and have been hoarding saving our pennies to be able to do this debt free.
Next up I want a new kitchen. Our kitchen right now, well how do I put this if Michael, myself, Grayson (in his highchair) and Riley are all in the kitchen we are like a can of sardines. I never loved our kitchen even when we bought the house I didn't love it but I figured this was the "starter" house and we would move in a few years. Well things change and we plan to stay at our house until well we have no plans of leaving. So I want a new kitchen. I want to open this up to the dining room which is enormous and have it be a "great" room. My hubby says that in 2-3 years we can do this.

This then leads into well in 2 years I want to be pregnant again. I would love for my kids to be 2-3 years apart. That gives us enough special time with my darling Grayson and he can hit all his milestones you know crawling, walking, driving, talking, and potty training.

After our 3509846209 talk about this and the "timing" of it all I said lets just let it all go. We will do the kitchen once we have saved up enough for it. And if I happen to pregnant while it is going on then we will adjust. My parents have a spare room and a nursery that has a crib and a toddler bed in it.

See I get accused labeled by my husband that I'm an over planner. I like to know what's coming up. Grayson, 100% planned. I knew the 4 month range (yes I'm a control freak) that I wanted to get pregnant in. I plan to do the same with baby number 2.
Michael would love to try for another baby once G turns one. But you see to me that is tooo soooon! I want some time with G so I figure we will start when he is 2. I'm sure this will change and really when you sit back and think about it well only God knows the right timing of it all. He is the ultimate planner and he does often give me a lesson in that when I try to force things to be my way. Not sure the point of this post but I just think a lot a lot about baby #2 and our house imporovements and well everything so this helped get it out.