September Goal re-cap and October Goals!!!

Here are my goals and I have to say I did pretty good!!!

1- Apply Picking

2- Make spaghetti sauce to freeze

3-Organize Laundry room

4- Finish decorating dining room

5- Decorate for FALL!!!!

6-Work out at least 5 days a week I averaged about 4 so not to shabby

7-Take more picture with my real camera

8-Clean carpets upstairs.

9-Decorate bedroom (hang pictures)

10-Get Libby for the day  

Ok so I didn't get 3 of them done and I averaged about 4 days a week on the working out but I'm pleased with myself.
The carpet cleaning will happen soon and the laundry room well I will get there sometime.

So here come October Goals
1. Decorate Front Porch

2. Pick out paint colors for kitchen (my hubby agreed to painting the walls and cabinets yahoo!)

3.Organized front closet in living room

4. Make spaghetti sauce and freeze

5. Stock freezer with Grayson's baby food

6.Take more pictures of me and Michael

7. Have family dinner every Sunday

8. Go to breakfast with my Grandma

9. Set dates for holiday's!!!

10. Finalize my idea for G's christmas pictures and book a photo session with all the grandkids for christmas presents

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!