5 on Friday

My hubby brought me one of these at work yesterday and it was delish and he is gorgeous so it made my day since I had to go to the DMV after work and that is just a buzz kill

This CC cream

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Everyone talks about BB creams and CC creams but I really just grabbed this because I had a coupon and got it for $3 at target well I'm in love. It hides my flaws and has a hefty SPF in it.

These carseats

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I'm decided to be ahead of the game and buy G's new carseats. I read a ton of reviews and decided that these were the best for us. They are a decent price, free shippin, gender neutral, and safe! I know that your babies saftey is numero uno but I can't justify $200+ on a carseat. We are still going back and forth on when to make the offical switch but it will have to be soon because G's current seat only goes to 30 inches and he is 28 now.

This picture of my little man

I'm still trying to find out who taught him to stick his tounge out at his momma

It's hubby's birthday party this weekend!!!! Can't wait!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a restfull,stress- free, happy weekend!