Random things

I try to grocery shop on Monday's but yesterday I did not have coupons or a list made out so I'm going today however Tuesday at my store is 6% off for anyone over 60 so that equals shopping that takes longer. I kick myself every time I forget this and go on Tuesday

I have been slacking on working out. I'm about 15 pounds from my weight  but 25 from my ideal weight. I fell off track last week when we had a no sleep night and I feel like I just now a whole week later have caught up.

I'm seriously considering doing a cleanse.....anyone have any recommendations???

The phrase "surround yourself with positive people" has been going through my head a lot lately.

My wedding band still does not fit!! This drives my husband crazy because twice now he has been called my boyfriend or fiance. I don't want to get it sized until I have lost all the weight so I keep pushing him off.

I'm so excited for all the firsts with Grayson we are about to have. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas! I just can't wait!!!!

I love the Gilmore Girls. I watch it on Soapnet and I have watched the complete series I think I'm on round 5. It's an obsession and I watch it every week!

I have the worst time at keeping my table cleared. It becomes a catch all and then when we go to eat dinner there it takes a good 20 mins to get it cleared so most nights we eat in the living room. It's just easier right now because G is in his jumper and occupied. Once he starts eating what we eat well then we will HAVE to eat at the table.

I get asked at least 4 times a week about baby #2. I'm not ready yet and I want to scream it at the people that ask however I smile and say not yet just enjoying this one!

I need new pants. However I just do not want to spend the money when I want to lose more weight but the only pants I have that I can wear and 2 sizes to big and I look frumpy.

I want to go to the movies. However having no days off together makes it hard. I'm trying to plan a night the Wednesday before Thanksgiving since we both have it off.

I ordered my Christmas cards from Minted if you click on the link you get $25.00 off and they address your cards. Done and Done. Plus upload your photo later? So awesome. I got the idea from Katie @ loves of life. 
She is awesome and has a great blog and amazing pictures. I searched the minted site for hours (3 hours to be exact) trying to find the perfect card and I did. Now to get the pictures taken that will go on that card well I'm not there yet.

My office is dressing up for Halloween. My boss requested that everyone (all 5 of us) dress up so I went basic. I ordered scrubs and a stethoscope from amazon for a grand total of $25.00. I know it's lame but I'm not into the big fancy make up costumes.

I signed up for Mint.com to help with our budget. I'm excited for our future and all things we have in the works. Money is hard yo and I have never been good at it. This is visual and hopefully it helps me.

I'm over working. Not really we need my job for health insurance and well the money doesn't hurt but sometimes I want to be home in yoga pants watching CMT with my boys. Blah