Simple........... that's how I like my nights during the week

I like coming home and eating left overs or grilled cheese and soup or let's be real cereal. I like when I walk in the door and there it is my world standing there smiling at me. My boys ahhhh be still my heart they make my world go round.

Someone (me like 3 years ago) could look at my life and scream BORING!!!! Yes my pre baby pre family self would have thought that too but now? Now I relish in the fact that I know what I'm coming home to.

On Monday and Tuesday's I come home to smiling boys, I hear stories of how they spent their day and that G helped daddy change is guitar strings. I get to sit on the floor and just breath for what feels like for the first time that day, all while my baby drools on me and grabs my face. I'm at peace, I'm whole again, I'm happy and I'm in love. I'm in love with the way G looks at us and scrunches up his nose and smiles. I'm in love with the way Michael talks to him and the love and friendship that the two of them already have. I'm in love with my dog I mean he is the bomb.com when it comes to Grayson. He lets him pull his fur and tail and he knows that licking his feet gets giggles so he will do it everyone in a while. He loves G and G loves him they are quite the pair the two of them.

The rest of the week well that's pretty amazing too. I love picking up Grayson from daycare. He can be anywhere in that room and once our eyes meet and I shriek   say HIIIIII Bubbie Lou!!!! His smile could light up the room he is so happy and my heart just bursts with love. We talk the whole way home to Daddy and when we pull in the driveway and get in the house we have our family hug. It's the best he touches our faces and just smiles or spits on us either way it's all good.

I like that at 6:30 him and Daddy head into the bath and I start my routine of getting jimmy jams and making is cereal and doing my little things in the kitchen like making the coffee and packing lunches. I love all this. I crave it. When we don't get to do our routine my heart feels a little sad, I feel off. I love my time with those boys.

So call me boring, predictable, or whatever else you want if that's what you think I am. I think I'm blessed, in love, and well just plain surrounded by amazingness (if it's not a word sorry).