Weekend Fun

Busy is what we were this weekend!!!

Friday after grabbing my nugget from daycare we went home to spend some time with Daddy. My sister dropped by and had dinner with us. Then it was bed time routine and since we are so wild and crazy we went to bed at 7:30 I know I know watch out people!!!

Saturday- G and I got up and played. We have started a new routine where we keep him awake until his 10:00 bottle and then we are guaranteed a good nap from him. So he slept from 10:15 until 12:00 which was perfect. I got so much done in that time I scrubbed the bathroom and cleaned the living room, showered and ate lunch! Then once Grayson got up he ate his bottle and we headed out to my parents. We met them and then went to the 50th birthday party. It was a nice day (as long as you were in the sun). I brought a blanket and we laid it out and Libby and Grayson played for hours together. She really is such a sweetheart with him. Then after dinner G and I headed home so he could get some snuggles in with Daddy before bed time.

Sunday- I had a bridal shower so my Dad came over and sat with Grayson until Michael got home. Grayson was so good all day and even took a nap for my Dad. I always tell Michael that we are blessed to have an easy going, good natured baby. The bridal shower was beautiful and the food was awesome. My mom took G overnight because Michael had to work on Monday so we had a mini date night at home. Which consisted of watching football and eating food. Hot stuff I tell you. We were in bed and asleep by 8 because we are that lame cool.

Here are some pictures

Watching a Paul McCartney concert

standing like a big boy
playing with his brother

G is Batman

In Daddy's had

With Momma before she left for the shower!