My very fall porch and more

Ok so this is basically just a photo dump but I FINALLY decorated my front porch and living room is now complete. It usually takes me a few days to get it exactly like I want it. The dining room is still a work in progress but I have put those pictures on here too. I love fall and every year I add to my collection of decor. The mums on my front porch will only be there for a few weeks because I'm going to plant them under the front windows of the house.

This is my whiskey barrel that sits on the side of my driveway to cover an old well!! I got this giant Mum for $20.00 a steal in my opinion since I only buy one!

This is the front corner of my porch. I love these "pink" pumpkins and I got them for $5.00 each again Loved the price!
This is my little bistro set that  I got from amazon 2 years ago for $100.00 I love it and we use it all the time!!! The two ghost/ pumpkins were made by yours truly. I used to have a little side craft business that I would paint and wood burn wood gourds and sell them but now well Grayson is what it's all about!
This table was bought at an auction for $5.00!! I move it around all the time but it seemed fitting on the front porch for this season!

I debated putting this picture up. I'm not a fan of the outside of the house because our trim doesn't match and my flower beds are not perfect. But it's our house and it keeps us safe and warm so I'm going to be proud of it I guess.

The living room!! We have awesome built-ins that I decorate for every holiday and when it's not a holiday is filled with pictures here it is for fall/Halloween!!

I made the candy corns and the little pumpkins!!
Ignore Gilmore Girls on in the back ground here are my cute little pumpkins and sign. all that decor cost me $10.00 total!!
There is my milk jug decorated with leaves and a pumpkin!!

This is the buffet in the dining room and it is kind of a mess but there is still fall sprinkled in. My whole house is always a work in progress
This pitcher and bowl were my Great Grandmothers! I love it so much and was honored when my grandmother gave it to me.

Ok so this is not fall really but it one of my favorite things ever. This is our guest book from our wedding! I love that it is on display and I smile every time I pass it.

So not much to look at but it's mine!