Exciting News!!!!

It it was full and happy hearts that we announce that we are expecting!!!

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But wait it gets better

We are having TWINS

take a look....

No we had no idea, I had an inkling but brushed it off, yes we were beyond suprised and we feel beyond blessed. This is such a gift from God and we cannot wait to meet our two babies!!!

I will have a post up next week with all the details of the day we found out that we were having 2!!!

Until then my due date it May 26th. That is for 40 weeks but with twins anything is possible!

I will just be over here smiling like crazy because ahhhh TWINS!!!


I Only have ONE Favorite today

Happy Friday! 

I only have one favorite today and that is 

Bath and Body Works sale!!!!

This never happens and I stocked up!!!

There is a limit of 8 candles so that is what I got 


Extra 25% off!!! 
Just use code EXTRA25

So I got 8 candles for $79.00 shipped!!!!

Here is what I got

This is my FAVORITE Christmas candle I burn this one the second my tree goes up because it just screams CHRISTMAS!

Fresh Balsam 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works

This is my FAVORITE winter scent. It just smells cozy and clean and I love it!

Frosted Cranberry 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works

This is my FAVORITE anytime candle and so I like to always have a few on hand plus Vanilla is a pretty universal scent that people like so they make great last minute gifts!

Warm Vanilla Sugar 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works

and now my house will be delicous!

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Life Lately

Life around here had been......crazy

They ease of summer is gone but my favorite season fall is here. I feel like we have been going non stop and I'm just exhausted from it all.

Here is what we have been up to

My sister works seasonally at an apple orchard and so we make several trips there to pick apples and get their fresh donughts LynOaken is amazing and they provide wagons for the orchard which we love so we picked apples on a nice crisp morning

Grayson goes on Wednesday's to story time at night with my sister. It is a built in date night for us and a date night for him and Aunt Halli. He loves going and always comes home with new books to read! Plus they have a ton of legos

We celebrated Michael's brithday with a small party at our house. We have pizza, wings, and some fun food and then cake! I love the age that Grayson is at because he helped me make that cake and had to show it to everyone that walked in that he "made daddy a cake!" Die he is adorable

Michael and I saw Chris Cornell acoustic at UB Center of Performing Arts. Chris was amazing and the place has great sound but they didn't turn on the AC and so it was a 100 degress in there once he played our all time favorite song (I am the Highway) we both looked at eachother and booked it out of there. Just walking into the foyer was 20 degress cooler it was crazy.

We have been working on rewards with Grayson because time out is not working so if he has a good listening day then he gets 30 mins of iPad time at night after bath. I have to admitt I love him snuggled up to me at night like this.

My Grandma turns 90 today!!! We had her suprise party back in September when people were in town and so we are just going to visit her for a little bit this weekend.

That's what we have been up to!
Happy Thursday!


My Frist Job(s)

It's Show and Tell Tuesday and it's all about first jobs......here it goes.

I was 15 I wanted all the money to buy all the the things and so my Grandma's husband offered to match any paycheck I got that summer. I jumped on that chance and applied to work the summer program.

I'm from a small town and the villiage each year put on a summer program where kids could sign up for theater, arts and crafts, soccer camp, basketball camp and swimming. I was not a theater person at all but that is what I got assigned. Every teenager had an adult that would run the camp with them. We picked a play had auditions and put on a final play for the parents. I loved this job. It was awesome I worked 2 hours a day 4 days a week and made peanuts but with my matched paychecks ended up making pretty decent money!

The next summer I was 16 and wanted more money.Instead of matching my paycheck this time my Grandma's husband told me that if I got a legit job he would sell me his car for $12.00. Yes I had to pay him a $1.00 a month for a year. So I got a job at a convience store working at Subway. I was a legit sandwich artist.

I worked as many hours as they would let me. I worked everyday in the summer and then kept up the gig working the weekends during the school year.In October I was given my car and started making my monthly payments. I made so much money(for a 16 year old) and loved it I worked there until I was almost 18 and then decided to leave when I walked in on 2 of my co-workers doing not such good things in the cooler. I left and went to Fashion Bug and loved that job too!

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