My Frist Job(s)

It's Show and Tell Tuesday and it's all about first jobs......here it goes.

I was 15 I wanted all the money to buy all the the things and so my Grandma's husband offered to match any paycheck I got that summer. I jumped on that chance and applied to work the summer program.

I'm from a small town and the villiage each year put on a summer program where kids could sign up for theater, arts and crafts, soccer camp, basketball camp and swimming. I was not a theater person at all but that is what I got assigned. Every teenager had an adult that would run the camp with them. We picked a play had auditions and put on a final play for the parents. I loved this job. It was awesome I worked 2 hours a day 4 days a week and made peanuts but with my matched paychecks ended up making pretty decent money!

The next summer I was 16 and wanted more money.Instead of matching my paycheck this time my Grandma's husband told me that if I got a legit job he would sell me his car for $12.00. Yes I had to pay him a $1.00 a month for a year. So I got a job at a convience store working at Subway. I was a legit sandwich artist.

I worked as many hours as they would let me. I worked everyday in the summer and then kept up the gig working the weekends during the school year.In October I was given my car and started making my monthly payments. I made so much money(for a 16 year old) and loved it I worked there until I was almost 18 and then decided to leave when I walked in on 2 of my co-workers doing not such good things in the cooler. I left and went to Fashion Bug and loved that job too!

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