It was wonderful

This weekend was wonderful. Busy but wonderful.

Friday- I grabbed Grayson from daycare and we headed to get baby donuts like we every Friday and as I pulled into the drive thru I realized I didn't have my card with me. I had put it in my coat pocked after pumping gas the night before and never took it back out. So I scrounged my purse and found $1.50 and paid in quarters and pennies. Ha! Oh well he still got his donuts. Then we headed home and I got to cooking my homemade french onion soup for my father in law dinner. We ate dinner with him and had cake and then it was tubby time and bed time for all of us. I was exhausted!

Saturday Grayson and I got up and relaxed for a little bit then we got busy in the kitchen making Cinnamon butter to hand out to our family for Thanksgiving.You can find the recipe here and it is delish. I doubled it and everyone loves it so that's a plus. It is for sure something that is easy to make with kids. Then we did the good old hand print turkey to handout to everyone. Grayson loves crafts and painting so he loved this one so much. We made 12 turkeys and while I though it would take forever sweet boy did so good we knocked it out in 15 mins. Plus at the end I let him paint my hand and we put my turkey hand print on one and he got to give it to Daddy when he got home. Then it was lunch and nap for Grayson and pie making for me. I made my lemon meringue pie and chocolate pie for the next days Thanksgiving.

Michael came home with Libby and we packed everything up and headed to my Mom's house to cook! We made stuffing, coleslaw, stuffed the turkey, and peeled the potatoes. Doing all this the night before makes my mom's morning a breeze the next day.

Sunday- we got up and had Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Grayson and I went grocery shopping and then after naps we headed back over for the feast. It was so much fun. We laughed a ton, ate a ton, the kids wrestled a ton and we played cards. It was such a good night.

This week is a short week. Yesterday was a crazy day at work I had to process payroll for the whole company in one day. It normally takes me 2.5 so that was insane, but we like to give our employees their paycheck prior to the holiday. Today I have a follow up appointment with my Dr, and tomorrow is date night with my hubby.

I just want to take a second and say that I'm so thankful for my family and our health. We have some scares and hard times in this last year but it has just shown me how strong our family is and that through the highs and lows we stick together. I'm also so thankful for this pregnancy and my relationship with God. He gets me through and I would be lost without. I hope everyone gets to enjoy their family this week and that everyone is safe.


Friday Favorites!!

We have an insanely busy weekend.

My first favorite is celebrating Birthday's!
Today we are celebrating my father-in-laws 60th birthday.

He chose to have a dinner at home so I let him pick the menu and it is as follows

French onion soup ( I make it from scratch and he loves it!)

Filet Mignon
Mashed Potatoes

White on white cake.

Pretty simple and all of our favorite things too!

My second favorite is projects with Grayson

He loves crafts and so with the holiday season I'm trying to make something with him for him to handout to our family. Tomorrow we are getting up early making cinnamon butter and hand print turkeys to handout to family over the next week!

My third favorite is Thanksgiving prep

Since I can remember the day before Thanksgiving is a holiday in and of itself in my family. We get together make the stuffing, stuff the bird, make the coleslaw, peel potatoes and get all of our prep done the day before. Then we have pizza for dinner and play cards. I just love the day before and since we celebrate Thanksgiving the Sunday before with my brother tomorrow is that day!

My fourth favorite is Thanksgiving!

I love the fresh turkey, the hustle and bustle of having a house full of family and the food coma that follows and then when you think you could burst you shove some more pie in there. It's the best.

And my fifth and final but my most favorite favorite is this guy

He had school pictures yesterday and they turned out wonderful here is the one I took of him before we headed out and he had to have his hair spiked like daddy. Sigh he is just my whole heart

Happy weekend!

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13 week Bumpdate!

I know I know I skipped 12 weeks but I promise to be better week 12 was just crazy but more on that later!

How far along? 13 weeks
Total weight gain: 7 lbs according to my last drs appoint but that was with boots on and after lunch
Maternity clothes? Kind of I busted out a few pairs of maternity jeans this week but other than that normal clothes still
Stretch marks? No new ones.
Sleep: Pretty good. I got my pregnancy pillow and love it! It for sure makes a difference as far as my sound sleeping I don’t flip and flop as much but sometimes I have a hard time settling in for the night if I have been super active that day my hips just kill me.
Best moment this week: My Grandma called me and told me she found a box of quarters that my Grandpa had hidden in the attic and she is using those to buy some things for the twins so that they can have a piece of him too. I cried when she told me that. We got to see the babies again! We had our 12 week ultrasound at the specialist and they ran a bunch of tests and did a full sonogram and wow they have changed so much already.
Miss Anything? Being able to do all my normal things. Grocery shopping knocks me out for the rest of the night
 Little flutters here or there it’s very sporadic.

Food cravings: Hot pretzels, hot ham and cheese sandwhiches which I ate 4 times last week for dinner, chicken ceaser salad and pizza. I wish I was one of those girls who craved fruits and veggies but my body loves carbs.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Eggs are still touch and go and the smell of leftovers make me dry heave.
Gender: Yes we know but we are not saying yet. It was a tentative guess on Baby A since it was such a wiggle worm so we are waiting until our 18 week for the thumbs up that the guess was right.
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Exhaustion. I’m tired all the time, and sore tata’s they are killing me.
Belly Button in or out? In I’m in that akward did she eat to many tacos or is she pregnant phase.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY!
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving!
Grayson: He told Michael the other day that he was excited to be a big broder but he didn’t want da babies to play wif his toys. Fair enough kid they won’t be doing that for a long time. He looks at my belly and says “nope no babies in der yet guess daddy hasn’t gotten dem at da store” Love him. 

 Seeing the babies on the sonogram was just awesome.The sonogram lasted 1.5 hours and we got to see their hearbeats and watch them wiggle. They moved a TON. They tested them for down syndrome and some other things and pending my blood work they both are low risk! Which is awesome. I go back to my docotor on Tuesday and we will schedule my 18 week ultrasound.


Our weekend and other things

This weekend was nice and low key. Which I really need lately because work just drains it out of me it's nice to take it slower in the mornings and nap when Grayson does.

Friday- I had a painting class with my Mom and sister so we grabbed Mexican before and then had a blast painting. I was thankful that the class didn't take as long as the last one and I was home by 7:30. I have to say this was not my favorite painting that we did, but it was still fun. They are taking a break for the holidays and then will start back up in February/March. 
This was about halfway through

Saturday- Grayson came into bed with me at 4:30 in the morning and snuggled right up and fell back asleep I had a heck of a time waking him up at 7:15! And yes I woke him up because if he sleeps past 7:30 he will not nap and Mama needs nap time! We got up and snuggled some more on the couch while eating breakfast. Then we folded all the laundry and put it away. He went down for a nap and so did I and then it was dinner and baths. It was just a low key day that was fun.
I could lay like this with him forever I just love this little boy

All the laundry that we washed and dried and put in baskets but it's all done and put away

Sunday- My mom called and asked if she could take Grayson on her errands with her and take him to the park. Of course she could! I cleaned out my car because we on the hunt for a new one that will accommodate our growing family. Then I picked up the house and relaxed until he got home. She brought him home passed out. I carried him up to bed and he slept until 4. We watched football, our Bills squished the Fish and we got another victory. Then I started to go through my maternity clothes because the time is coming very soon where I will be rotating the same outfits!

His face is just pure joy

So a few other things we are looking for a new vehicle and it will probably be a mini van because we just need the room with 3 car seats plus my mom and sister come with me a lot places and I want to be able to still drive everyone in one car. 

I started Christmas shopping and checking things off my list. With being pregnant I'm really trying to stay super organized and ahead of the game this year. I know it sounds silly but this is Grayson's last Christmas before the babies come and I want it to be extra special, which means no stress and just plain fun. 

Happy Tuesday!


Bumpdate week 11

I didn't have this blog when I was pregnant with Grayson so I didn't do bumpdates but I think it will be fun to do it with this pregnancy. So here is goes starting with week 11.

Please excuse the awkward bathroom picture I was so tired last night I forgot about a picture until I was showered and in bed.

How far along? 11 weeks

Total weight gain: 5 lbs

Maternity clothes? Nope not yet. They are still a little big but my non maternity are a little tight in the belly so I have been doing the good ol’ rubber band trick and that seems to be working for now.

Stretch marks? No new ones.
Sleep: Pretty good. I wake up sometimes to go to the bathroom but I still always always feel exhausted when I wake up even if I go to bed at 8 I’m still tired.

Best moment this week: My sweet sweet Aunt sent us a gift card to Amazon to use on things for the little babes. It make me so happy that these babies are already so loved and everyone is excited about it.

Miss Anything? Coffee. I gave up caffeine with Grayson so I gave it up this time too and to be honest right now it does not even sound good.

 Little flutters here or there. I read that you can feel twins starting at 10 weeks.

Food cravings: Hot pretzels (which I bought a jumbo box of at BJ’s) chip dip and cheese and hot ham and cheese subs. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: yogurt, my morning smoothie, eggs are touch and go 

Gender: Not sure yet but I’m thinking one of each we will see soon

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: Exhaustion. I’m tired all the time, and sore tata’s they are killing me.

Belly Button in or out? In, I’m in that awkward did she eat to many tacos or is she pregnant phase.

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY!

Looking forward to: Our Sonogram on the 16th. I just want to see my sweet gummy bears all wiggly again.

Grayson: He still is confused about the babies. He told his class for show and tell that his daddy was going to the store to get the babies to put in mommy's belly and then mommy was going to bring them home. Ha seems pretty legit for a 2 year old.


The details

If you missed or exciting news about having TWINS you can read it here.

Before I get into the details I want to answer one question I get a ton and that is if I took fertility drugs and the answer is NO. I was not taking anything at all and having just come off the miscarriage I was nervous about trying again that it wouldn't happen. Well GOD answered all my prayers and then some because he blessed me with TWO babies.

Okay so the fun stuff

I found out that I was pregnant on September 13th 2015. It was about 3 days before my missed period but I just had a feeling that I was, so I tested....twice. First with some dollar store brand tests (because that's all they had) and then when those came up faint but still a positive see what I mean and yes I used them both back to back lol

So I had Michael pick up a digital one and tested on that one the next morning and it was positive.

So for the first week I felt like myself and then it hit me and hit me hard. The being tired all the time and I was sick to my stomach on the verge of throwing up almost 24/7. It was ten times worse than when I was pregnant with Grayson and my appetite was off the charts. I would be so starving one second and then so full the next feeling like I was going to lose my lunch. The only thing that satisfied my stomach was carbs. I tried my old trusty spinach smoothie one time around 6 weeks and was dry heaving for the next half an hour. It was bad. I spend many nights on the couch afraid to move because I just felt bad.

All of this led me to believe I was having a girl because it was so different from my 1st pregnancy with Grayson.

I was counting down the days until my appointment on the 27th so that I could hear a heartbeat and ask about them giving me something for my constant nausea.

When I had gone in to take their test to confirm my pregnancy I had asked for a sonogram at my 9 week appointment. One nurse told me no and then 3 days later a nurse called me and said "I see you asked about a sonogram at your 9 week?" I said yes because we knew we were having a repeat c-section and I knew I would need a dating sonogram so could I just do it all at once. Her response was "Yup no problem come in at 11:45 and you can have your sono first" I was so excited to see a baby and a heartbeat.

Okay so I worked for a little bit that day and then went home and had a snack because I was so hungry and then Michael and I went to the Doctor. My Aunt had Grayson with her and at this point no one but my mom sister and sister in law knew I was pregnant.

We get to the appointment and I was nervous walking back to the sonogram room. I took a deep breath and held Michael's hand as she squirted that warm goo stuff on my stomach. The second that wand touched my stomach and the first picture flickered up there I saw the line that formed the 2 sacs. She said "You have two in there! TWINS!" Michael said "your joking" She said I NEVER joke about twins, and I bused out laughing. I just kept laughing. Then I just stared at the screen with two wiggling gummy bears on the screen.

Michael looked at me and said "We have to move" and I just laughed some more. We got all the pictures and saw the good strong heartbeats. Then we had 5 mins until our appointment with the OB nurse so we quickly hugged each other and then called my Mom and told her the awesome news. She didn't believe us until I swore on Grayson's head lol. I sent her a picture of the sono. We went to our OB nurse appointment and got a ton of free samples and updated my chart. Then we had a 45 min break between that appointment and the one with the Doctor so we ran to subway to get subs and then made some more calls. I Face timed my sister and she sobbed she was so happy and then I called my sister in law and she said "Shut the eff up are you for real?" It was crazy and unexpected that we would have twins.

So we got into see the Doc. And got some super good news

First of all they both looked healthy. They are NOT identical because they have two very pronounced separate sacs which means two separate eggs were fertilized. Second it appears that they each have their own placentas. We will know for sure when we go on the 16th to the specialist for a more in depth high tech ultrasound. And I have read that just because there are two sacs does not mean that they are not identiacal but I'm going to go with my doctor who has deleivered thousands of babies.

Why is all this good. One with separate sacs they cannot tangle up in each other or each other's umbilical cord. Plus with having two separate placenta's there is less worry of twin to twin transfer. All good news.

Now the scary stuff. I'm now considered high risk because of the twins. I have to watch my exercise and over doing it. I will not carry to term which kind of makes me sad. The doctor said our first goal is 34 weeks then 35 then 36 then 37 after 37 he is fine with anything. I will have a repeat c-section which is good because twin deliveries natural can get complicated.

One thing that makes me happy I will get to see them a whole lot more. I will be monitored so close because of carrying twins which means more ultrasounds. I will start going every 2 weeks at 18 weeks and then at 25 weeks I will be going every week. He said that on average when a woman carries twins the uterus measures 4-6 weeks ahead of where it really is. So 16 weeks I will most likely be measuring 20-22.

We are just so excited and feel so so blessed by God for these TWO miracles growing in my belly.

Oh and yes twins run in my family my maternal Grandmother was an identical twin.


All things Halloween!!!!

This year Grayson got it all. And I loved every second of it. 

Last year he was 1.5 and we did about 5 houses and called it a day. It was cold and rainy and he just didn't get it.

This year was awesome!

First off we carved pumpkins the weekend before Halloween. He picked out an owl and cleaned the inside out himself and then had Daddy help him do the cutting of the owl. 
He was so proud of his end result. 

Thursday was Character Day at school and to keep it simple and not get his Halloween costume dirty we wore TMNT PJ's to school and he loved having on the cape!

Friday after school my sister took Grayson to Beggar's night in the town she works in. 

Grayson was Yoda this year however he insisted on always wearing the hood so his ears drooped. You win some you lose some. He got a ton of candy that night and came home and crashed hard he was tired.

Saturday was the big day he was so excited to trick or treat with his cousins. Since the kids are still younger we try to coordinate the 3 of them. B was Darth Vader (or if you ask Grayson he says Dark Bader) and Libby was Pricess Laya and G was Yoda they looked super cute. 

We headed to a cul-de-sac of a family friend and did that really quick right at 4 then headed back to my brothers house and trick or treated there. The kids never ran out of energy and out lasted me and my mom. We headed back after almost 2 hours of trick or treating and met my Grandma and Aunt at the house. The rest of them headed back with the kids almost an hour later. They went hard and got a ton of candy. Plus Grayson walked almost the whole time. But we did bring the wagon for when the boys got tired and it did happen at the end. 

It was a great weekend. And then we gained an hour except my kid missed the memo where that means more sleep. So we were up at 5.