It was wonderful

This weekend was wonderful. Busy but wonderful.

Friday- I grabbed Grayson from daycare and we headed to get baby donuts like we every Friday and as I pulled into the drive thru I realized I didn't have my card with me. I had put it in my coat pocked after pumping gas the night before and never took it back out. So I scrounged my purse and found $1.50 and paid in quarters and pennies. Ha! Oh well he still got his donuts. Then we headed home and I got to cooking my homemade french onion soup for my father in law dinner. We ate dinner with him and had cake and then it was tubby time and bed time for all of us. I was exhausted!

Saturday Grayson and I got up and relaxed for a little bit then we got busy in the kitchen making Cinnamon butter to hand out to our family for Thanksgiving.You can find the recipe here and it is delish. I doubled it and everyone loves it so that's a plus. It is for sure something that is easy to make with kids. Then we did the good old hand print turkey to handout to everyone. Grayson loves crafts and painting so he loved this one so much. We made 12 turkeys and while I though it would take forever sweet boy did so good we knocked it out in 15 mins. Plus at the end I let him paint my hand and we put my turkey hand print on one and he got to give it to Daddy when he got home. Then it was lunch and nap for Grayson and pie making for me. I made my lemon meringue pie and chocolate pie for the next days Thanksgiving.

Michael came home with Libby and we packed everything up and headed to my Mom's house to cook! We made stuffing, coleslaw, stuffed the turkey, and peeled the potatoes. Doing all this the night before makes my mom's morning a breeze the next day.

Sunday- we got up and had Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Grayson and I went grocery shopping and then after naps we headed back over for the feast. It was so much fun. We laughed a ton, ate a ton, the kids wrestled a ton and we played cards. It was such a good night.

This week is a short week. Yesterday was a crazy day at work I had to process payroll for the whole company in one day. It normally takes me 2.5 so that was insane, but we like to give our employees their paycheck prior to the holiday. Today I have a follow up appointment with my Dr, and tomorrow is date night with my hubby.

I just want to take a second and say that I'm so thankful for my family and our health. We have some scares and hard times in this last year but it has just shown me how strong our family is and that through the highs and lows we stick together. I'm also so thankful for this pregnancy and my relationship with God. He gets me through and I would be lost without. I hope everyone gets to enjoy their family this week and that everyone is safe.