Bumpdate week 11

I didn't have this blog when I was pregnant with Grayson so I didn't do bumpdates but I think it will be fun to do it with this pregnancy. So here is goes starting with week 11.

Please excuse the awkward bathroom picture I was so tired last night I forgot about a picture until I was showered and in bed.

How far along? 11 weeks

Total weight gain: 5 lbs

Maternity clothes? Nope not yet. They are still a little big but my non maternity are a little tight in the belly so I have been doing the good ol’ rubber band trick and that seems to be working for now.

Stretch marks? No new ones.
Sleep: Pretty good. I wake up sometimes to go to the bathroom but I still always always feel exhausted when I wake up even if I go to bed at 8 I’m still tired.

Best moment this week: My sweet sweet Aunt sent us a gift card to Amazon to use on things for the little babes. It make me so happy that these babies are already so loved and everyone is excited about it.

Miss Anything? Coffee. I gave up caffeine with Grayson so I gave it up this time too and to be honest right now it does not even sound good.

 Little flutters here or there. I read that you can feel twins starting at 10 weeks.

Food cravings: Hot pretzels (which I bought a jumbo box of at BJ’s) chip dip and cheese and hot ham and cheese subs. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: yogurt, my morning smoothie, eggs are touch and go 

Gender: Not sure yet but I’m thinking one of each we will see soon

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: Exhaustion. I’m tired all the time, and sore tata’s they are killing me.

Belly Button in or out? In, I’m in that awkward did she eat to many tacos or is she pregnant phase.

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY!

Looking forward to: Our Sonogram on the 16th. I just want to see my sweet gummy bears all wiggly again.

Grayson: He still is confused about the babies. He told his class for show and tell that his daddy was going to the store to get the babies to put in mommy's belly and then mommy was going to bring them home. Ha seems pretty legit for a 2 year old.