Our weekend and other things

This weekend was nice and low key. Which I really need lately because work just drains it out of me it's nice to take it slower in the mornings and nap when Grayson does.

Friday- I had a painting class with my Mom and sister so we grabbed Mexican before and then had a blast painting. I was thankful that the class didn't take as long as the last one and I was home by 7:30. I have to say this was not my favorite painting that we did, but it was still fun. They are taking a break for the holidays and then will start back up in February/March. 
This was about halfway through

Saturday- Grayson came into bed with me at 4:30 in the morning and snuggled right up and fell back asleep I had a heck of a time waking him up at 7:15! And yes I woke him up because if he sleeps past 7:30 he will not nap and Mama needs nap time! We got up and snuggled some more on the couch while eating breakfast. Then we folded all the laundry and put it away. He went down for a nap and so did I and then it was dinner and baths. It was just a low key day that was fun.
I could lay like this with him forever I just love this little boy

All the laundry that we washed and dried and put in baskets but it's all done and put away

Sunday- My mom called and asked if she could take Grayson on her errands with her and take him to the park. Of course she could! I cleaned out my car because we on the hunt for a new one that will accommodate our growing family. Then I picked up the house and relaxed until he got home. She brought him home passed out. I carried him up to bed and he slept until 4. We watched football, our Bills squished the Fish and we got another victory. Then I started to go through my maternity clothes because the time is coming very soon where I will be rotating the same outfits!

His face is just pure joy

So a few other things we are looking for a new vehicle and it will probably be a mini van because we just need the room with 3 car seats plus my mom and sister come with me a lot places and I want to be able to still drive everyone in one car. 

I started Christmas shopping and checking things off my list. With being pregnant I'm really trying to stay super organized and ahead of the game this year. I know it sounds silly but this is Grayson's last Christmas before the babies come and I want it to be extra special, which means no stress and just plain fun. 

Happy Tuesday!