All things Halloween!!!!

This year Grayson got it all. And I loved every second of it. 

Last year he was 1.5 and we did about 5 houses and called it a day. It was cold and rainy and he just didn't get it.

This year was awesome!

First off we carved pumpkins the weekend before Halloween. He picked out an owl and cleaned the inside out himself and then had Daddy help him do the cutting of the owl. 
He was so proud of his end result. 

Thursday was Character Day at school and to keep it simple and not get his Halloween costume dirty we wore TMNT PJ's to school and he loved having on the cape!

Friday after school my sister took Grayson to Beggar's night in the town she works in. 

Grayson was Yoda this year however he insisted on always wearing the hood so his ears drooped. You win some you lose some. He got a ton of candy that night and came home and crashed hard he was tired.

Saturday was the big day he was so excited to trick or treat with his cousins. Since the kids are still younger we try to coordinate the 3 of them. B was Darth Vader (or if you ask Grayson he says Dark Bader) and Libby was Pricess Laya and G was Yoda they looked super cute. 

We headed to a cul-de-sac of a family friend and did that really quick right at 4 then headed back to my brothers house and trick or treated there. The kids never ran out of energy and out lasted me and my mom. We headed back after almost 2 hours of trick or treating and met my Grandma and Aunt at the house. The rest of them headed back with the kids almost an hour later. They went hard and got a ton of candy. Plus Grayson walked almost the whole time. But we did bring the wagon for when the boys got tired and it did happen at the end. 

It was a great weekend. And then we gained an hour except my kid missed the memo where that means more sleep. So we were up at 5.