Finish the Sentance!!!!

Have you checked out Holly and Jake? Well you should. They are are both so hilarious and I wish I could be the cream in their funny Oreo cookie.
 Now onto business.

1. I always pick _____________ over ______________.
Bread over salad.You know when you go out to a restaurant and they bring a bread basket and then you get a salad with your meal? This carbivore will skip the salad and eat all the bread! This could be why my ass jiggles.
2. Look at the size of those...
 Lovely Lady Lumps
3. I recently learned....
That kids are stubborn even when they are 11 months old and that their sole purpose is too give their parents gray hairs and mini breakdowns every day. But then they smile and you forget all of it. They are hyenas.
4. Only when no one is looking...
Do I stuff my face with crap food. Example- Someone brought donuts into work. When everyone was around I was all "pshh I'm on a diet never will one of those touch my lips!" Then when everyone was back upstairs and I was down filling my water I ate a donut in two bites and it never tasted so good.
5. I lost my....
Credit card. My husband was going to rip my head off. I found it a week later in between the seats of my car. So since I found I started to brag like "hey I knew where it was the whole time" That only got me the stink eye and the finger.
6. I was certain I'd be...
A teacher. I wanted to teach English and I wanted the summers off. I was in my first year of college when the economy took a dive and teachers were getting let go. I dropped out and started working for the man. 
7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to....
Watch the movie The Human Centipede. My husband was watching it and I caught a glimpse and I almost threw up. I had to leave the room and watch Disney movies on repeat for a week just so I would not have nightmares. 
8. I just finished...
My protein shake. I love having it in the morning
9. Why does everyone have to be...
So uptight. I'm a smart ass and some people are just so uptight they don't get jokes. Grow a sense of humor and pull the stick out.
10. It's very rare when I...
Wake up the first time my alarm goes off. I usually hit snooze about 2-3 times if not more. 
11. If I were a dog...
I would want a rich owner. The kind that build their dog their own house and get them a full wardrobe. 
12. I don't believe...
February is over and my baby will be ONE!!! I really feel like it was just yesterday that I was the size of house.




I'm a freak. I did the Jillian Michaels 30 day challenge and I saw some results however not enough. When it comes to weight loss I can be the most impatient person. I want to do a hard core workout eat a pizza and then go put on my "skinny" pants. It makes me so sad that it doesn't work like that.

I was fed up with doing random workouts and not really sweating. I need to sweat like I'm being walked to the electrical chair to feel like I did something. Jillian did this for the first few weeks but then blah. I didn't really have a schedule to follow and I got bored doing the same workout everyday. So I started to do some research.

I became obsessed with finding the perfect workout that would work with my life.

I tried the gym before work that went over like a fart in church. So then I decided I needed to do something. Even though I have tried I cannot even get to the gym after work.

One morning when I was eating my 3rd bowl of cereal an infomercial came on. I watched it. I fell in love and I ordered it the next day.

I then went on amazon and ordered protein powder and shaker bottles. I was ready to dive into this craziness called T-25.

Michael wanted to do it with me so we have now for a full week. I love it. I think it is the perfect amount of time but man is it intense.

I look like a crazy person when I'm done because I can't catch my breath and I'm dripping sweat like they just told me they are taking my birthday away. It is 5 days a week with one day being a double day. There is no way in hell that I can do a double day so we chose to do 6 days a week with one day being a stretch day.

I'm making the program work for our life. Most days we do it as soon as we are both home and then we eat after. I'm in love with every workout except the lower body which my saddle bags could use so I suck it up and do it. Grayson plays in his pack and play while we work out and I shit you not that kid laughs at us. He stands up and laughs when we are jumping around and crying at the same time.

I plan to do stats every other week. The first phase is 5 weeks and then the second phase is 5 weeks. You can purchase a third phase but I figured I will cross that bridge when it comes or I will drown myself in my own sweat we will see.


So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying

So What! That Grayson won't eat table food yet....

This kid is weird with a capitol W. He comes by it naturally he was born to the queen of weird. Especially when it comes to food. I can't do any ground meat that is packed down (hamburgs, meatloaf) Taco's I will eat. Anyway. He refuses all table food except for banana's (yes I just sang the Gwen Stefani song to spell that out)

Why?? I have no idea. Today at daycare they told me that I have to start moving him to the Waddler Room schedule because holy shit he is moving there in less than a month and he has to follow that schedule.

So what do I do? I have no idea but for now I'm saying So What because somehow him eating that god awful food from a jar that smells like a dog barfed in it makes him more of a baby. That and he loves it. As in his eyes light up like a women who just got proposed to after dating a guy for 20 years. He acts like he doesn't know it's coming but he totally does. He then gobbles it up like he hasn't been feed for hours and yells when your not spooing in the dog barf mixture fast enough.

This kid I love him



When we were visiting my Aunt and Uncle this weekend so I could help him register for an art show my aunt made a comment that left me scratching my head. I truly think it was a compliment but it still made me think. She said "I have never in my whole life seen a baby on such a schedule".

About a month ago Grayson went to spend the night at my aunt's house. We had our football party and since drinking was the only thing on the program we made plans for an overnight. I packed the exact amount of food and medicine that he would need.

I thought nothing about it but I never pack G extra bottles. Since he was about 2 months old Grayson has been on a schedule and has not varied off of it. Sure the schedule has changed but once he is on it he is good too go.
Right now he eats like this
7:00-7:30- 8oz. bottle
10:-10:30-yogurt and 6 oz bottle
1:00-Fruit and Cheerios
4:30-5:00-Stage 3 meal and puffs
7:00-7:30-8 oz. bottle

He has been on that schedule since October. He never eats an extra bottle and always finishes his meal.

The thing is early on we noticed with Grayson that if we did the same things at the same time he was much more relaxed and he napped better, and went to bed easier.

That's not to say that sometimes we bend the schedule. And he rolls with the changes but for the most part we are on the above schedule. He follows this same routine at daycare.

My baby is good, oh so good. He very rarely cries and if he does boy be hungry or tired. I think that he knows what to expect and he is more calm because of that.

Does anyone else follow a schedule or is it more fly by the seat of your pants?


5 on Friday

It's Friday and therefore I can only write in list form so this is perfect
 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

1-Blender Bottle

Product Details

I ordered the two pack so that Michael could have one too. We have been drinking a protein shake for breakfast the past week and these bottles are perfect to mix and take on the go.

2-Glass Jar
Product Details

I have been wanting these forever. I just never bit the bullet but I needed them for G's 1st birthday party and they came yesterday in the mail!!! I love them!!! I can't wait to put them to use in our house once the party is done.

3- Grayson's birthday shirt

Mustache Birthday T-Shirt - T-Shirt available in 8 colors w/ ANY number!  Great for Birthday parties!

Oh em gee!!! I love this shirt and when it came in the mail I was so excited it is perfect. I ordered up one size and I'm glad it did because it will fit him perfectly!

4-There is a flood warning for our area today so I'm hoping to just make it home before all the craziness starts and then this evening we are under a high wind warning so I'm praying we dont' lose power!

5- It's Friday and I cannot wait to get home to this smiling face!


Getting a second chance

My husband and I were talking the other day about our child hoods that were vastly different like worlds apart. He was talking about some of the disappointments that he experienced and how it really affected him.

I told him not to worry he gets to re-do all of that with Grayson.

It really got me to thinking that by having a baby you get to live life all over again through your child's eyes.

You get to have a first Christmas morning, and learn to walk. You get a first birthday cake, and lose your first tooth.

There are endless firsts that we get over again because we became parents.

We get to undo all the things that we may have not liked in our childhood and make them right with our own children.

We get to relive Disney or experience it for the first time with them. We get to start traditions that are all our own.

So having a baby who is only soft and squishy for what seems like a split second is really like hitting the reset button on childhood.

Getting to sword fight, build forts, have bubble baths, try new things, learn new things, and teach new things are awesome perks of being a parent.

Wrestling on the floor like a teenager is totally acceptable if your doing it with your kids, and making 800 dozen cookies for Christmas is all for your children.  You gain your imagination again and get to be a princess or a knight because your playing and having fun with your baby.

Being a parent is hard. Oh so hard but the rewards that come with it are so amazing. I love watching his eyes light up when he figures out he can stand on his own. Or watching his little brain work while he tries to pick up all the toys and then stand up with them in his hands.

I'm so excited for this journey into childhood with my boys.


11 months

11 months bubbie!!!! You know when to smile. And you do it oh so well.
This month was a month of changes. You started a new daycare and have just really done so so good since being there. You got your two top teeth (FINALLY). You went a whole month without sickness!!! Yahoooooooo! We have not had to make another doctors visit, and my wallet thanks you.

You are so into books and cords. We play a nightly game of keep G away from the DVR and ALL the cords in the house. You're curious that's for sure. I left you alone in the living room so that I could throw out your diaper and all of the sudden I heard a weird noise,you my dear boy had grabbed my full cup of water and spilled it on you and the floor. I just started laughing because you were so proud.

You laugh when we tell you no and I'm sure that's a preview of your teenage years. But you still stop doing whatever you were doing and listen so it makes my heart happy. Speaking of happy. You are full of smiles all the time. I love that when you look at me or dada you smile instantly. Your heart, it is good baby boy.

Sleeping was going great then we had about a week of up all night bullshit but momma and you worked through it and now you are back on track although 5:30 is now your wake up time. It's ok though as long as we get solid sleep I can work with 5:30. You officially out grew 9 month clothes so I had to pack them all away. I may have shed a tear or two thinking back to the time you wore certain outfits and how your getting so big!

No walking yet but we have had some free standing moments and then you realize whats going on and you plop your booty back on the ground. Bath time still rules. You love it so much. Your very smart my sweet boy. You know that the balls go in the cup and you do it every time you see them together. You also say ball but it is touch and go. The "where's Grayson" game is big with you right now. I cover your face with a shirt and you pull it on and put it back on a million times, all while I scream "where's Grayson?, There he is!" I annoy myself but you laugh every time so I will do it until I lose my voice.  You and I have been working on giving kisses. You do it for momma and it's always a mouth wide open slobbery kiss but I love everyone you give me. You already know how to share. You share Cheerios with anyone who asks for one. Your becoming a little more bold when older kids are around. You used to just sit and stare but now you crawl over and start playing with them.

Grayson, we love you so much. I can't wait to celebrate your birthday next month. So many people love you baby boy. I'm proud to be your momma. You steal my heart a little more everyday.

Love always,
Your Momma

Chewing on a toothbrush
Eating Cherrios
He loves wearing his Batman shirt
"Really, mom more pictures?"
My happy boy!

Digging for toys
Happy reading his snowman book
"What is this thing on my head?"
Just chilling with my drink
Why yes that is my kid who likes to put things in his mouth and then crawl around like a dog

Very serious reading going on
Oh you want a picture ok let me pose
My nugget love!


My house

If you you dropped in to my house on an given day of the week you would see that my 11 month old child has taken over. My entire house is covered with traces of him. Back in the summer someone was walking through our house and made the comment "this baby has taken over your hosue". Back then I laughed and said " I know right, what a pain". However I realized that it's a blessing and I would miss triping over all of his things. Here are all the things that make me smile because he lives here!

A drying rack for all the bottles......

Toy basket and the random toys he pulls out (photo bomb by Riley)

These chubby ankels and toes in his high chair

The tooth brush that he thinks is a toy and crawls around with it in his mouth like a dog
The bibs on the arm of our "feeding" chair. I feed him here every night

The sippy cups and paci's that have taken over my shelves

The tubby toys on my bathroom floor because having them out is the only way to keep him occupied if you have to use the bathroom or do your makeup
His hooded towel that he likes to grab onto and swing the door shut

The baby shampoo and wash that I knock over almost everytime I open the shower curtian

The drawer that was once for Michael's shaving things that has now been taken over by his bedtime things

The little man clothes that get tossed in my laundry room at the end of the day
The stack of diaper bags and blankets in my dining room ready for our outings and daycare

The travel high chair that sits in our dining room
The walker that he rams into toes and doorways with
The G block I bought for his room
This sweet little face that makes my heart melt everytime I see it


Valentine's weekend

This weekend was awesome sauce.

We went to dinner at the Elk's club by my grandma's house on Friday. They put on a really delicious dinner and it's a nice family place. I love going somewhere were Grayson can be loud and drop his sippy cup 989126489 times and no one blinks an eye. We had brownies for my Aunt's birthday and since it is G's birthday next he got to pull the knife out. With supervision of course.

Grayson with his Gigi

People say we look alike I don't see it

Saturday Grayson and I just relaxed and worked on laundry. He was a goofball all day and those are my favorite kind of days. When Michael got home he banned me from the kitchen. Which I'm not complaining I took a nice long hot shower while G took his afternoon nap.
Michael made the most delicious steak and potatoes. I was in heaven! Then had made me desert. Brownies Sundae's and no there are no pictures because I inhaled that shit like a crack head getting a fix.
Do you see the one heart shaped potato chip?
Love this man

Sunday I went through all of G's clothes. That was fun for the first 5 seconds and then he got bored and started dive bombing the piles I had made. I sorted out the blue bins that I had just been throwing clothes in once they stopped fitting. I need another tote because he currently has a giant pile of clothes on his floor because I have no where to put them. Looks like I will be making a stop after work tonight.
He is currently only wearing 12 month clothes with some 18 months sprinkled in. His arms and torso are just so long that he needs 18 months in certain things.  Pretty soon our attic will be filled with totes of clothes just in case we have another boy. Which with all the clothes we have I hope we do because having a girl would put me in the poor house.
Libby, Gigi and B stopped by for a visit on Sunday

B didn't want anything to do with a picture and G wanted nothing to do with looking at the camera.

Today starts our first day with our new workout program. I'm super excited and I will update about once I'm a few days into it. Until them I want to keep it hush hush just in case I quit after one day.

Michael and I get a date night tomorrow night. We normally do Tuesday night dinners but my mom offered to take Grayson overnight (she is off school for February break) so we are going out to dinner at my favorite Italian place (because we have a gift card) and then getting the rest of the supplies for Grayson's birthday party which is fast approaching. We really neeeeed some one on one time like bad.

Happy Monday may we all survive it!


I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it

Today is Valentine's day and the controversy that it's a made up holiday and you should tell the person you love all year round how you feel. Well blah blah blah.

It's a reason to go above and beyond. We don't eat fillet every week or even month for that matter but it's a nice excuse for Michael to cook that dinner for us.

But then again I'm a holiday whore. If you tell me it's national donut day I'm the first one in line at Timmy Ho's stuffing my hole with donuts. Or when the lady at Tops was handing out cookies because it was national chocolate chip cookie day and I contemplated walking by her several times to get multiple cookies.

I love holiday's. It's fun to celebrate with your loved ones. My parents always celebrated Valentine's day with us. We had a card and candy waiting for us at breakfast and they (my mom) always bought us valentine's donuts.

We did get Grayson a couple small things for Valentine's day. This book and then the one that can be considered lame these socks he needed socks with grippers on them in a bad way so they are going in is Valentine's day bag. Next year he will get a heart shaped donut and more fun gifts because he will get it more. Plus next year I will have to valentine's for him so it will be so much more stressful fun.

We planned on doing our dinner tonight but moved it to tomorrow because my Grandma called and wanted us to go to the Elk's with her and my aunt for Friday fish fry, and when your 88 year old grandma invites you to dinner you make it work because time is precious.

We don't do gifts. Just cards. Simple and perfect the way I like it. Although I did get him a chocolate bar and wrote a note on it and snuck it in the kitchen last night so that when he went to make his coffee this morning he would see it. It cost me a dolla and he loved it so it was worth it. He made me a flower out of construction paper and in my hurried state I forgot to take a picture but it was cute and I loved it.

Normally we would not sneak around and do little cute things like that but this day makes us get creative and for that it is all worth it.

And now what you are all waiting for the cute picture of my nugget love

Happy love day! Hug someone a little longer and maybe even get wild and hold hands just make sure it's with someone you know and not a stranger that could get weird.


One small act

In case you missed yesterday Tuesday and Wednesday were shit shows.....until I talked to my husband on my way home from work.

I was exhausted to the point where my eyes looked like two piss holes in the snow. I called him on my way home after picking up Grayson. He told me to come home and take a nap. That he was already cooking dinner and he would feed G his dinner and that I had a whole hour to sleep. This alone brought tears to my eyes.

But then I walked up stairs and found this on my pillow

You see I had called Michael earlier in the day saying how I felt like a bad mom. I had got frustrated with Grayson the night before when he would not fall asleep or stay asleep and I was running on fumes at that point. He tried his best to reassure me that I'm a good mom but I just kept rambling about how tired I was and that I couldn't take a nap because then who would make dinner? and that would be more time away from Grayson and I would feel guilty! I was really struggling yesterday but he helped me.

I'm so thankful for this man and that he gets me. He gets that I'm bat shit crazy and that I over analyze everything multiple times a day. But he also knows when to put his foot down and make me take a nap. He knows when I need those words in print to slap me in the face and say ya know what I am a good mom.

These two boys rock my world and I'm so thankful.