11 months

11 months bubbie!!!! You know when to smile. And you do it oh so well.
This month was a month of changes. You started a new daycare and have just really done so so good since being there. You got your two top teeth (FINALLY). You went a whole month without sickness!!! Yahoooooooo! We have not had to make another doctors visit, and my wallet thanks you.

You are so into books and cords. We play a nightly game of keep G away from the DVR and ALL the cords in the house. You're curious that's for sure. I left you alone in the living room so that I could throw out your diaper and all of the sudden I heard a weird noise,you my dear boy had grabbed my full cup of water and spilled it on you and the floor. I just started laughing because you were so proud.

You laugh when we tell you no and I'm sure that's a preview of your teenage years. But you still stop doing whatever you were doing and listen so it makes my heart happy. Speaking of happy. You are full of smiles all the time. I love that when you look at me or dada you smile instantly. Your heart, it is good baby boy.

Sleeping was going great then we had about a week of up all night bullshit but momma and you worked through it and now you are back on track although 5:30 is now your wake up time. It's ok though as long as we get solid sleep I can work with 5:30. You officially out grew 9 month clothes so I had to pack them all away. I may have shed a tear or two thinking back to the time you wore certain outfits and how your getting so big!

No walking yet but we have had some free standing moments and then you realize whats going on and you plop your booty back on the ground. Bath time still rules. You love it so much. Your very smart my sweet boy. You know that the balls go in the cup and you do it every time you see them together. You also say ball but it is touch and go. The "where's Grayson" game is big with you right now. I cover your face with a shirt and you pull it on and put it back on a million times, all while I scream "where's Grayson?, There he is!" I annoy myself but you laugh every time so I will do it until I lose my voice.  You and I have been working on giving kisses. You do it for momma and it's always a mouth wide open slobbery kiss but I love everyone you give me. You already know how to share. You share Cheerios with anyone who asks for one. Your becoming a little more bold when older kids are around. You used to just sit and stare but now you crawl over and start playing with them.

Grayson, we love you so much. I can't wait to celebrate your birthday next month. So many people love you baby boy. I'm proud to be your momma. You steal my heart a little more everyday.

Love always,
Your Momma

Chewing on a toothbrush
Eating Cherrios
He loves wearing his Batman shirt
"Really, mom more pictures?"
My happy boy!

Digging for toys
Happy reading his snowman book
"What is this thing on my head?"
Just chilling with my drink
Why yes that is my kid who likes to put things in his mouth and then crawl around like a dog

Very serious reading going on
Oh you want a picture ok let me pose
My nugget love!