Oh how things change

So this weekend was the perfect mixture of relaxing,fun, and getting things done.

Friday night I started laundry and cleaned up G's room. It was nice to just relax a little knowing I had no plans on Saturday to leave the house.

Saturday my sister came over and we got the menu set for Grayson' birthday party. My mom ordered his birthday crown and I have his shirt picked out just waiting to order because I want Michael to approve it.
Grayson had the best day. He slept for 2 hours in the morning and then 1.5 hours in the afternoon which is huge for him! I got so much done while he was sleeping and my laundry does not look like a bomb went off anymore. My nephew Brayden turned 3 so we had to send him a picture.

Sunday was B's birthday party. I had a ton to get done before we went and Grayson was an angel and slept for 2.5 hours. I got all of his things packed and myself showered. Everything was ready to go when he woke up and it was perfect and so much less stress. Since Michael had to work my mom and dad picked up G and I and Michael met us there. We made a quick trip to Kohl's first and I snagged Grayson some pj's because I went to put 9 month ones on him the other night and he looked like 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag. So it was time for more 12 month. I like to have enough to last at least 7 days so we now have 8 pairs which is perfect in my world. The party was a blast. We had so much food and B got a ton of cool gifts. Grayson was perfect. We are so lucky that we have a kid that just goes with the flow like him. We watched the first half of the super bowl at my brother's and then left at half time. It's so funny how things changes we used to stay there until midnight drinking beer and hanging out. Now we leave at half time because our babe is passed out. Oh the life of being a parent. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

This week and weekend are pretty free which I'm excited for a relaxing week to just start cleaning my house and getting rid of clutter.

Happy Monday!