You Win

You win winter, you win.

I wrote a nice post yesterday stating boldly that I was NOT letting you get under my skin.

Well you showed me. You slapped me right in the face and told me to eff off you were winning this fight.

Michael called me yesterday and said that there was a lot of ice on our roof and there was a small drip starting from the ceiling in the living room

My Dad came over with the extension ladder and Michael got up on the roof to knock off the big chunks of ice. He almost fell twice so he gave up because him falling off the roof and snapping his neck is not an option.

By the time I got home it looked like this

And this is how I feel about it utterly pissed off and over the effing white shit that is everywhere.

Also the whole 30 degrees one day and -12 the next day is really screwing shit up like the ice that is now stuck to my roof and is melting. Michael said that it is due to the cap cod peaks of the roof, and to be honest I have no idea because I zone out when he talks about anything like that.

Michael is checking to see if this is covered on our homeowners insurance. And I told him this morning that we are repainting the room. When we moved in 5 years ago we painted over the robins egg blue with a nice dark brown. Well now the room is too dark so I want to go with a light gray color. It's happening one way or the other because I will get something good out of this shit show.

In other news Grayson is a terror. He. will. not. sleep. through. the . night!  It's killing me. I'm a zombie today at work and I would have so called in but it's my one day a week that I have to be here so blah. I have not had a Pepsi in months but I may be chugging one just to keep my eye lids open. The top teeth are starting to break through finally and I'm hoping that they are in soon so we can all resume our normally scheduled sleep. He of course slept through the night 2 nights in a row when it was Michael's turn to get up with him. I swear they plan it that way. I'm out numbered by balls in my house. Here's hopping that when #2 comes it's a girl so I can have a friend again.