Things I'm going to be happy about today

Happy is what I'm going to be today. I'm not going to let this weather get under my skin. But I do have to say that it is snowing yet again.

I may have mentioned it before but we have dinner every Tuesday with Chris and Tracy. It is my favorite day of the work week next to Friday. It helps fight the Tuesday blues, and since we alternate houses every other week it gives us a night out twice a month. There is always alcohol involved and I usually laugh until I cry. Tonight we go to their house and I'm ready for a few hours away from the teething monster named Grayson

I ordered Grayson's shirt for his birthday and I'm only slightly obsessed with it. I also ordered a shirt for me and Michael. Is that weird? I don't care I want to have a cute shirt!

I survived Monday which was a miracle because I was on the verge of falling asleep at my desk all day yesterday

Friday is Valentines day and this year is Michael's year, as in he cooks me dinner (we alternate years). I chose fillet minion and homemade french fries. I cannot wait to eat the dinner he makes mmmmm.

Michael has finally jumped on board to do a fitness program with me. We ordered it last night and I cannot wait to start it together.