So What

I'm going to try Shannon's new style for So What today

So What that I can't go to the gym today

We are in the midst of a serious storm, averaging 3 inches an hour. It's supposed to continue until 10 pm.

I'm choosing to skip the gym after work because getting home safe and before it gets dark out is the main priority.

I can still workout at home and get in some good sweat time so it's not a total loss.
Plus the time with my boys? Is everything to me. When I workout from home I get more time for them and while it's not always my first choice, I always have a choice.

My husband is super supportive and takes G upstairs with him so I can workout alone. He pushes me because he says "ok it's 6 we will be back down at 6:45".

Mine and my family's safety will always win and if we can fit in all that extra stuff then great.

Happy Wednesday!