Why I joined and quickly quit the 5 am club

I got all high and mighty and declared that I was joining the 5 am club on Monday's and Tuesday's.

Yesterday I got up at 4:45 and was out the door and to the gym before my normal get up time. I had packed my bag the night before and slept in my workout clothes.

The workout was great. I love being on the treadmill or elliptical. I did the elliptical for 30 mins and then did some abs. My plan is to do abs one day, then arms, then legs. I was feeling awesome, awake, and hungry. So I ate my protein bar, and grabbed my bag to go in and take a shower.

My gym is 20 mins from my house but only 5 from my work so showering there in the morning is the logical thing to do.

Until I walked into the bathroom.

Our gym is smaller and the showers are in the bathrooms. Which means there are only 3 bathrooms/showers. A men's, women's and unisex. The women's was taken so I went into the unisex. Which someone had just taken a big shadoobie and it smelled like god awful fruit spray mixed with shit. Gag. I packed my to go bag of Clorox wipes before I left the house just in case. Thank gawd I did because ew. There was some un known brownish yellow substance on the floor of the shower. I scrubbed the entire shower and sink before I even started to clean myself up. But not before I went to the first aid kit and took the rubber gloves because well I didn't want to accidentally touch anything on my cleaning spree.

I brought flip flops and wore them the entire time. It was gross. The fan was broken so it was like crazy steam all over the mirror, that's no bueno when trying to do my make up. There were 3 knocks on the door while I was in there and they wanted to have a conversation. The one guy said "ETA please" I ignored him since duh can't you hear the water running?!?!?!?

(Ignore the hair and lack of makeup)

I love our gym but this was the first time having to shower there and now I will never do it again. Our contract with this gym us up in May so I'm going to look into joining the Planet Fitness that just opened by my work.

I don't have an issue with showering in public place as long as it is clean and I don't fell rushed. The set up is just not good. The place I used to work had a gym in it. It was one of my favorite parts of the job because the job itself sucked. But it had one huge locker room with individual shower stalls.

Anyone belong to Planet Fitness??? Do you like it?