One small act

In case you missed yesterday Tuesday and Wednesday were shit shows.....until I talked to my husband on my way home from work.

I was exhausted to the point where my eyes looked like two piss holes in the snow. I called him on my way home after picking up Grayson. He told me to come home and take a nap. That he was already cooking dinner and he would feed G his dinner and that I had a whole hour to sleep. This alone brought tears to my eyes.

But then I walked up stairs and found this on my pillow

You see I had called Michael earlier in the day saying how I felt like a bad mom. I had got frustrated with Grayson the night before when he would not fall asleep or stay asleep and I was running on fumes at that point. He tried his best to reassure me that I'm a good mom but I just kept rambling about how tired I was and that I couldn't take a nap because then who would make dinner? and that would be more time away from Grayson and I would feel guilty! I was really struggling yesterday but he helped me.

I'm so thankful for this man and that he gets me. He gets that I'm bat shit crazy and that I over analyze everything multiple times a day. But he also knows when to put his foot down and make me take a nap. He knows when I need those words in print to slap me in the face and say ya know what I am a good mom.

These two boys rock my world and I'm so thankful.