Valentine's weekend

This weekend was awesome sauce.

We went to dinner at the Elk's club by my grandma's house on Friday. They put on a really delicious dinner and it's a nice family place. I love going somewhere were Grayson can be loud and drop his sippy cup 989126489 times and no one blinks an eye. We had brownies for my Aunt's birthday and since it is G's birthday next he got to pull the knife out. With supervision of course.

Grayson with his Gigi

People say we look alike I don't see it

Saturday Grayson and I just relaxed and worked on laundry. He was a goofball all day and those are my favorite kind of days. When Michael got home he banned me from the kitchen. Which I'm not complaining I took a nice long hot shower while G took his afternoon nap.
Michael made the most delicious steak and potatoes. I was in heaven! Then had made me desert. Brownies Sundae's and no there are no pictures because I inhaled that shit like a crack head getting a fix.
Do you see the one heart shaped potato chip?
Love this man

Sunday I went through all of G's clothes. That was fun for the first 5 seconds and then he got bored and started dive bombing the piles I had made. I sorted out the blue bins that I had just been throwing clothes in once they stopped fitting. I need another tote because he currently has a giant pile of clothes on his floor because I have no where to put them. Looks like I will be making a stop after work tonight.
He is currently only wearing 12 month clothes with some 18 months sprinkled in. His arms and torso are just so long that he needs 18 months in certain things.  Pretty soon our attic will be filled with totes of clothes just in case we have another boy. Which with all the clothes we have I hope we do because having a girl would put me in the poor house.
Libby, Gigi and B stopped by for a visit on Sunday

B didn't want anything to do with a picture and G wanted nothing to do with looking at the camera.

Today starts our first day with our new workout program. I'm super excited and I will update about once I'm a few days into it. Until them I want to keep it hush hush just in case I quit after one day.

Michael and I get a date night tomorrow night. We normally do Tuesday night dinners but my mom offered to take Grayson overnight (she is off school for February break) so we are going out to dinner at my favorite Italian place (because we have a gift card) and then getting the rest of the supplies for Grayson's birthday party which is fast approaching. We really neeeeed some one on one time like bad.

Happy Monday may we all survive it!