Getting a second chance

My husband and I were talking the other day about our child hoods that were vastly different like worlds apart. He was talking about some of the disappointments that he experienced and how it really affected him.

I told him not to worry he gets to re-do all of that with Grayson.

It really got me to thinking that by having a baby you get to live life all over again through your child's eyes.

You get to have a first Christmas morning, and learn to walk. You get a first birthday cake, and lose your first tooth.

There are endless firsts that we get over again because we became parents.

We get to undo all the things that we may have not liked in our childhood and make them right with our own children.

We get to relive Disney or experience it for the first time with them. We get to start traditions that are all our own.

So having a baby who is only soft and squishy for what seems like a split second is really like hitting the reset button on childhood.

Getting to sword fight, build forts, have bubble baths, try new things, learn new things, and teach new things are awesome perks of being a parent.

Wrestling on the floor like a teenager is totally acceptable if your doing it with your kids, and making 800 dozen cookies for Christmas is all for your children.  You gain your imagination again and get to be a princess or a knight because your playing and having fun with your baby.

Being a parent is hard. Oh so hard but the rewards that come with it are so amazing. I love watching his eyes light up when he figures out he can stand on his own. Or watching his little brain work while he tries to pick up all the toys and then stand up with them in his hands.

I'm so excited for this journey into childhood with my boys.