My house

If you you dropped in to my house on an given day of the week you would see that my 11 month old child has taken over. My entire house is covered with traces of him. Back in the summer someone was walking through our house and made the comment "this baby has taken over your hosue". Back then I laughed and said " I know right, what a pain". However I realized that it's a blessing and I would miss triping over all of his things. Here are all the things that make me smile because he lives here!

A drying rack for all the bottles......

Toy basket and the random toys he pulls out (photo bomb by Riley)

These chubby ankels and toes in his high chair

The tooth brush that he thinks is a toy and crawls around with it in his mouth like a dog
The bibs on the arm of our "feeding" chair. I feed him here every night

The sippy cups and paci's that have taken over my shelves

The tubby toys on my bathroom floor because having them out is the only way to keep him occupied if you have to use the bathroom or do your makeup
His hooded towel that he likes to grab onto and swing the door shut

The baby shampoo and wash that I knock over almost everytime I open the shower curtian

The drawer that was once for Michael's shaving things that has now been taken over by his bedtime things

The little man clothes that get tossed in my laundry room at the end of the day
The stack of diaper bags and blankets in my dining room ready for our outings and daycare

The travel high chair that sits in our dining room
The walker that he rams into toes and doorways with
The G block I bought for his room
This sweet little face that makes my heart melt everytime I see it