Why men are frustrating

I'm eye balls deep in party planning. As in I'm constantly writing down lists, and looking up things and changing my mind.

When I first talked to Michael about Grayson's first birthday party he gave the standard "it's up to you answer".

This is my green light to spend money plan to my little hearts desire. Once I had done all the work to secure a venue I could get the invites done. I'm not a fan of the standard fill in the blank ones that you buy at the dollar store so I searched and found the perfect invitation.

I'm so excited to tell my husband and then this conversation happened

Me:"So today at work I found the perfect invitation!!!!, Do you want to see it?"
Him: "Sure but I trust you"
Me: "okay well just look at it? It's important to me, see isn't it cute?"
Him: "I don't get it.....what's with the mustache thing? Maybe we should do a different theme because it's kind of confusing"

I saw red and then proceeded to whine until he agreed with me because I'm four years old. Finally he got it and we moved on from that. He wasn't a fan of the original invitation I picked out because he said it was too much like our Christmas card so I went with a different one that he "approved", I was feeling nice that day and already felt like I won the battle with getting to keep my theme and not ending up with a Harley Davidon party (which is what I'm sure husband would have suggested had I let him get a word in edge wise).We took a cute to die for picture of Grayson and I uploaded and then ordered,and had them printed. I did all the work he still has yet to offer to address the other ones that I have not handed out. For someone with such an opinion he only cares when it's fun stuff and I still get to do all the dirty work

Next comes the birthday hat. I told him I wanted a birthday hat for Grayson to wear and I would prefer one that can be used for years to come because I think it would be cool to have a picture of him in the same hat every.single.birthday. Michael laughed when I told him this but he is a man and knows nothing so I ignored it. I will get that picture of him wearing said birthday hat every year and I don't care if there are tears!

I sent him this picture of the birthday hat to test him because he said he didn't care and that I could just order it.

Birthday Boy Cupake Hat TM by Sew Cute Sweets

Don't get me wrong it's super cute just not what I was going for.

He instantly called me and said no way he did not like it. He said there was no way he would let G wear it. I laughed because I knew he had an opinion. But he acts like he doesn't care and then pops up with needing to approve

We went with this instead, my mom bought it for him because she insisted on it, love her!

Personalized birthday crown, birthday hat, first birthday crown, custom crown, birthday accessories, first birthday photo prop

(we ended up going with a blue had with green writing on it)

The menu is set but I still have all the little details to figure out and I'm just going to do them because I can't take the I don't care and then he makes me undo all the work I have already done because he wants to care in that second.

He did admit that I always pull it off and everything looks good, to which I said "then keep out of it from now on okay? love you!"

It would be so much easier if he was involved in all of it, instead of picking and choosing what he want to participate in. Husband's can't live with them can't live without them.