So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying

So What! That Grayson won't eat table food yet....

This kid is weird with a capitol W. He comes by it naturally he was born to the queen of weird. Especially when it comes to food. I can't do any ground meat that is packed down (hamburgs, meatloaf) Taco's I will eat. Anyway. He refuses all table food except for banana's (yes I just sang the Gwen Stefani song to spell that out)

Why?? I have no idea. Today at daycare they told me that I have to start moving him to the Waddler Room schedule because holy shit he is moving there in less than a month and he has to follow that schedule.

So what do I do? I have no idea but for now I'm saying So What because somehow him eating that god awful food from a jar that smells like a dog barfed in it makes him more of a baby. That and he loves it. As in his eyes light up like a women who just got proposed to after dating a guy for 20 years. He acts like he doesn't know it's coming but he totally does. He then gobbles it up like he hasn't been feed for hours and yells when your not spooing in the dog barf mixture fast enough.

This kid I love him