5 on Friday

It's Friday and therefore I can only write in list form so this is perfect
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1-Blender Bottle

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I ordered the two pack so that Michael could have one too. We have been drinking a protein shake for breakfast the past week and these bottles are perfect to mix and take on the go.

2-Glass Jar
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I have been wanting these forever. I just never bit the bullet but I needed them for G's 1st birthday party and they came yesterday in the mail!!! I love them!!! I can't wait to put them to use in our house once the party is done.

3- Grayson's birthday shirt

Mustache Birthday T-Shirt - T-Shirt available in 8 colors w/ ANY number!  Great for Birthday parties!

Oh em gee!!! I love this shirt and when it came in the mail I was so excited it is perfect. I ordered up one size and I'm glad it did because it will fit him perfectly!

4-There is a flood warning for our area today so I'm hoping to just make it home before all the craziness starts and then this evening we are under a high wind warning so I'm praying we dont' lose power!

5- It's Friday and I cannot wait to get home to this smiling face!