Follow through friday


I'm doing it my first ever BEFORE and AFTER pictures. I'm nervous but I'm doing it........

My husband sucks at taking pictures and I was exhausted so blurry will have to do
And how is it possible that I'm whiter in the second picture???

I didn't submit these for the #jmdvdchallenge because I didn't finish the last few days of the challenge.I see a difference (I know it's not a big difference, but I'm hoping next month there will be an even bigger change) even though the scale says other wise and now I'm starting to sound like a broken record with the whole number thing.

Moving onto what I'm doing different this month....

I have been focusing on cardio. The gym has only worked out once this week but I have been doing Zumba at home and I forgot how much I love it! I took Zumba classes 4 days a week a few years ago and lost some weight and now I'm back at it.

I don't know why I focus on going to the gym is the only way to get in good cardio. I was dying after 45 mins yesterday.

I'm hoping in the next few weeks to start the couch to 5k. Hell must have frozen over because I have agreed to run not one but TWO 5k's. My sister is struggling with her weight and asked for my support so I will gladly give it to her. I'm actually super excited because on of them is the Color Run!!! There are 4 of us right now that are going to run it together and I'm looking forward to it. I can't believe I just said I'm looking forward to running someone must have taken over my body.

I will keep trucking along on this journey that I'm now calling shrink my ass and beer gut. I feel like I do good for 3 weeks and then my monthly bill comes and I must! eat! all! things! chocolate!!! My goal next time is to only eat one bag of peanut M&M's instead of 2.

And just to help erase the image of my muffin top and sandbag boobs here is the cutest scrunched nose smile from my nugget
Happy Friday!