I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it

Today is Valentine's day and the controversy that it's a made up holiday and you should tell the person you love all year round how you feel. Well blah blah blah.

It's a reason to go above and beyond. We don't eat fillet every week or even month for that matter but it's a nice excuse for Michael to cook that dinner for us.

But then again I'm a holiday whore. If you tell me it's national donut day I'm the first one in line at Timmy Ho's stuffing my hole with donuts. Or when the lady at Tops was handing out cookies because it was national chocolate chip cookie day and I contemplated walking by her several times to get multiple cookies.

I love holiday's. It's fun to celebrate with your loved ones. My parents always celebrated Valentine's day with us. We had a card and candy waiting for us at breakfast and they (my mom) always bought us valentine's donuts.

We did get Grayson a couple small things for Valentine's day. This book and then the one that can be considered lame these socks he needed socks with grippers on them in a bad way so they are going in is Valentine's day bag. Next year he will get a heart shaped donut and more fun gifts because he will get it more. Plus next year I will have to valentine's for him so it will be so much more stressful fun.

We planned on doing our dinner tonight but moved it to tomorrow because my Grandma called and wanted us to go to the Elk's with her and my aunt for Friday fish fry, and when your 88 year old grandma invites you to dinner you make it work because time is precious.

We don't do gifts. Just cards. Simple and perfect the way I like it. Although I did get him a chocolate bar and wrote a note on it and snuck it in the kitchen last night so that when he went to make his coffee this morning he would see it. It cost me a dolla and he loved it so it was worth it. He made me a flower out of construction paper and in my hurried state I forgot to take a picture but it was cute and I loved it.

Normally we would not sneak around and do little cute things like that but this day makes us get creative and for that it is all worth it.

And now what you are all waiting for the cute picture of my nugget love

Happy love day! Hug someone a little longer and maybe even get wild and hold hands just make sure it's with someone you know and not a stranger that could get weird.