Mom Talk Tuesday's- Week#1

When Stephanie from Wife Mommy and Me announced this link up I instanly wrote them all down in my planner so I would not forget. I love the idea of Mom's sharing their ideas and little tips and tricks. I feel like as Mom's we need all the support and help we can get because parenting is hard!

So here we are week #1 and we are talking Indoor Toddler Fun.

This is something I'm all too familar with because I live in WNY. We are in the throughs of negative temps and snow. Outside play is not an option for us right now so I have to get creative or go crazy.

Here are our top 5 Indoor things to do.

1- Color. Grayson is obsessed with coloring and I take this as a chance to learn some colors.

2- Laundry- Listen I know this sounds crazy but I have made it a huge game and he loves it. Yes it takes me longer but I get it done while he is awake so when he naps I have a little more "free" time (which just means I can mop the floors!) Our laundry game is pretty intense when I'm sorting all the laundry he dumps the baskets for me. When I'm loading the washer I let him push the ON button, same with the dryer. When I'm folding he hands me one piece of laundry at a time so I can fold it. Then he puts it back in the basket (with my help) and upstairs we go to put it away. Once upstairs I let him put away easy things, like his blankets (we have a bin they go in so he can just throw them in) and is socks (they just get tossed in a drawer) but he does these one at a time and once he gets through those I have everything else put away. I know it sounds crazy but try it sometime when I ask Grayson if he wants to do laundry he smiles and starts running to our laundry room. I'm training him young and his future wife will thank me!

3- Baking. He loves to cook and to help us with whatever we are doing. So I try to bake or at least make something in the kitchen with him once a week. It's January and we are all trying to watch our figures so lately we have been making egg cups, and no bake energy bites but he still loves to help. I measure everything out and then he helps me dump and stir. Plus once we are done we do the dishes and he loves that too.

4- Arts and crafts- This for me is playdoh or painting. I also bought a bunch of stickers at the Dollar Store and some Construction paper and we do "Stickas" This is at least an hour of entertainment. And super cheap for him to do. When we do Playdough I buy the small containters (usually a sampler pack) and I let him pick 2 colors. That way the next time we play he can pick 2 new ones. I really want to try making it myself but have yet to look into it. Maybe that will be on my to do list!

5- Movie time! Monsters Inc. is the only movie that has played at our house in the last month. He loves it. Usually when he wakes up from nap and eating his snack I click it on and we cuddle and watch Sully and Mike!


I think they have a switch

This weekend was our big football party. It's a great night and I look forward to it every year.

Grayson was fine all day. We packed him up for his overnight he ate breakfast and lunch and then went down for a nap.

And then 15 mins before we were supposed to take him to my Aunt's house he projectile vomited all over poor Michael. It was awful. He went on to throw up 3 more times before we left and my mom insisted that we still go and she would stay with him. That woman is a saint I swear. But I swear kids have a switch that says Mom and Dad are going out time to get sick. I know it's not true but man it feels like it. My Mom says I could throw a fever at the drop of a hat if they were going out. Karma is what my mother calls it.

We had a good night but now I feel sick to my stomach and have no appetite. Fingers crossed it passes fast because I don't have time to be sick. Mom's never do right?

So this post is short and sweet and I only took two photos all weekend one with each of my boys.

Happy Monday!


Friday Favorites!!!!

Linking up for Friday Favorites Today!!!

Coffee. I'm sure I have listed this before but with these cold months that seem to drain me coffee has become my life line. I even had a second cup yesterday because I was just that tired an cold. These K-cups are my FAVORITE! 

Product Details

Amazon Prime. I know it went up this year but I have without a doubt already gotten my money's worth out of it. Between diaper, k-cups, birthday gifts, and zip drives I order a lot. All within my budget of course

The relationship my Mama has with my boy. They have this great connection and it is just sweet. She got him these cute owl clings and he loves them and we made a little video to "fank Gigi" 

The way kids learn things (or maybe it's just my kid) Grayson thinks that when he get one drop of food on him or his tray that "Oh no Mama Ayson Messsssss" so I give him a napkin to clean it up and he says "Oh fank you Mama I keeen" His other new favorite"Come ere" he loves to show people things so if you walk in our house he grabs your hand and says "come ere!" it's cute and funny and sweet. 

It is our annual football party this weekend!!!! I'm beyond excited we have great food, open bar, games, and cards. It's fun night out with my whole family. 

Michael has Sunday off!!! I'm so excited for a family day together the 3 of us!


Let's talk Organization

Happy Tuesday! Thursday!!!!
Yes I started this post Monday night and then I didn't have enough storage on my phone to take pictures. And I'm as nosy as can be and I love pictures so I set out to move all my photos over to my zip drive that still remains missing so I ordered a new one and thanks to Prime I got it last night and was able to click a few pics. So here we are 2 days late but better late than never! Right?

I'm linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell series.

Ahhhh Organization the thing that keeps me sane. Without it I'm a fumbling fool.

Here are my tips, tricks and crazy things I do to stay organized.

This bench and coat rack is essential to my sanity.

The bench holds our bags for the day. My purse, lunch bag and Grayson's diaper bag. Our hats, mittens, and scarves also get dropped here. This is our get out the door congregating area and so I love it. I come in plop our bags here and I know in the morning it's all right there again. Mornings are tough and always rushed to this is the key to getting out the door on time.This real life people. About 15 mins before I took this picture Grayson dumped that basket holding all of our hats and mittens and is sitting in it in the living room eating "nillas" and watching Mickey.

Next up Grayson's shoe bin. His shoes go here (it's not far from our coat/bag hub) Also extra bags and cart covers and misc things that might be needed to head out somewhere are here. He can put his own shoes away and I know where they are. We keep soft coolers here for when we take milk with us and other cold items. Plus I keep his swimsuit here. I know it's winter but there are indoor pools and I would hate to have to dig through to find it because I packed it away.

I have a white board on my fridge.(that I didn't take a picture of oops!) Grocery lists are started on here a lot along with lists for packing. If Grayson is going somewhere over night I pack everything I can the night before he leaves and then I will make a list of the things I need to grab right before I leave. This is usually the cold things and his night time stuff. I love being able to have this right here instead of a piece of paper that can easily get thrown in the garbage my grabby hands  (trust me it happens) I also stick appointment cards here after I write them in my planner that way Michael can see what is coming up and the time too.

Underneath we have a meal board so that everyone know what we are eating and when. I love this!

And the last thing I'm going to show you is my life line my main side kick my planner!!!!
A little back story. I have always been a planner girl I get it from my Grandma Gray. I write down things to do bills, personal info and memories. The planners act as a journal of sorts. After I had Grayson and was just overwhelmed I fell off the planner wagon.Well this July I did some research and Erin Condren caught my eye and then the price shocked me but it made sense. Plus I got it starting in July through 2015 so a year and a half. Well this thing is worth it's weight in gold. I love it.

Here is typical week

And Month

I use washi tape to make things pop and these pens because Andrea talked them up so much lol! But really they are awesome.

I sit down on Saturdays and look at the next week. I plan meals and double check appointments and bills.

I keep my bills in the back pocket and as I get them I write the check and stick them in there all sealed stamped and ready to go. I write in my calender when to drop them in the mail and I'm good to go.Grayson's school things go in here. Plus my nice list of weekly to do's are on the side so I can just glance really quick. I write down memories like in September when my boys was spewing new words like no tomorrow I have them written down. I just love this thing. I have a list in the back of go to meals and this helps with meal planning. I just love it! Here is a code you get $10.00 off your first order!Trust me I use this thing a million times a day!

And there yo have a small snippet of how I stay organized. I didn't even touch on the laundry room, bathroom, or Grayson's room because well I'm not writing a novel!


Our no heat weekend

So this weekend was nice and a bummer all at the same time. I'm sad to be back at work being a grown up is hard sometimes.

Friday- I got out of work, grabbed Grayson , then went to pick up B and Libby. Let me just say to those of you that have 3 kids my hats off to you. It is just insane. My backseat was full. Grayson wanted to see B at all times, B wanted to scream at the top of his lungs to make G laugh, Libby wanted to listen to Taylor Swift but B hates Taylor Swift. It was the longes half an hour car ride of my life. And then trying to get all 3 of them and their overnight bags into my moms house was just laughable. I let B out first he ran into the house then I got Libby out and handed her her dolls. Then I got out G and started to get out bag when my Dad came out and saved the day. Once they were all settled which was 30 seconds because I got a quick hug and kiss from them and they were all up the stairs to help Papa get toys I headed home. I freshened up and we headed to dinner.

Guys it was delish. I have been really watching what I have been eating and I have cut out drinking but on Friday I just had fun. After dinner we headed to a small bar for a few more beers and played shuffleboard. It was great and we were home by 9 so the perfect amount of time.

Saturday I woke up to a house all to myself. I slept in (7:30) which in my world is 2 extra hours of sleep. I drank a hot cup of coffee and watched some TV then it was down to business. I cleaned out the laundry room, did laundry, swept and mopped all the floors and still had an hour left until G got home. So I snuggles under the blanket with a hot cup of coffee. Then my Mom came and I had to get up off the couch and I realized it was freezing in my house. Sure enough our furnace was not working. Thankfully my Dad did HVAC for 20+ years so I called him he came over and got it running. And then it quit again, but we could hit the restart button and it would turn on it just wouldn't stay running on its own. He told me the motor would have to be changed and that he had a spare so he would come do it the next day (Sunday because it was already 8 at night and we still had heat)

Sunday I got up early and started to get G around for our day. I hopped in the shower and figured that Grayson would just watch a Mickey while I quick showered. WRONG he came barreling in the bathroom and handed me my glasses, phone and brush into the shower. Then as I'm rinsing out my conditioner I hear him say "ew gross" and I look out he has the TOILET LID OPEN!!! I scream " Did you just stick your hand in there?" He looks at me and says "Yesh" and I say "Oh goodness Grayson that is so gross don't touch anything" at this point he starts crying I rush to dry off and throw on my robe so that I can wash his hand 2165165 times. I got us all ready to go and my Dad came to change the motor and we headed to church.

I'm Methodist and always have been. In the time that I have belonged to this church we have gone through 5 pastors we are on #6 now. The last one we had was not my cup of tea. I felt judged when I would go to church if I had missed the week before, I also go pestered about my husbands attendance ( he works Sunday's so I always went with my parents) It was a mess and so I stopped going. A few months ago I met the new pastor and felt an instant connection. She didn't pester me as to why I was not coming just that she hoped when I had time I would come to church. It took me a while to get in the mind frame. I prayed about it a ton and I decided to head back. It was amazing. The first song we sang had me in tears. I felt something I had not felt in years and I know I will be back. The energy in the room was amazing. Plus they have a great nursery program during service that Grayson can go to. I'm so happy.

Next we headed to my cousins for a birthday party and some party food. It was a great time. I came home to a warm house and went to bed, it's exhausing being gone from the house all day. Plus Michael did not go to the party with us because of work so I was solo and let me just say Grayson has endless energy.

I woke up this morning to no heat. Again. My dad has one more thing to try and fingers crossed it works or it looks like furnace shopping for us.

Happy Monday


Friday Favorites- Happiness

It's Friday!!! On one hand I'm all Yahooooooo and on the other I'm all Say what? already? where is the time going???

I'm linking up with Andrea to share some of my favorites from the week.

These are just some Favorite Moments that make me happy!

Michael and I went to the grocery store alone and together. Which is so one of my Favorites. We very rarely go together anymore. I usually just pop in after work, it's my ME time (such a mom right?). But on Wednesday he had a doctors appointment that I went to with him and after we scooted into the store to pick up a few things. We held hands and laughed together. Sure it was only 10 minuets but man did I soak that up.

My next favorite is from the same day. We picked up Grayson together. He did not know what to do and him seeing Michael and saying "No No Daddy Home" was a favorite moment that I died laughing over. That kid is all routine and he knows that Mama drops him off and picks him up.

The big boy haircut he is sportting is for sure a favorite. He is on repair saying "Ayson haier cuT" he really likes to emphasize the T on cut. Plus when he says that he then goes into a whole story about how "ashhhhy cuT Ayson and Daddy cuT too!" Never mind that he is pulling his hair straight up the whole time he is saying this.Love the way he connects the dots.

Snuggle time with my boy in the morning this week is topping my Favorite list too. He has been getting up at 5 in the morning sure it's 15 mins before my alarm goes off but still I scoop him up and bring him into bed with me. I turn on Oso (which ick I so am not a fan of that show but he loves it) and he makes me put my arm around him and we sit in bed and cuddle for a good 15 mins before heading down stairs. He always grabs my face and gives me my morning kiss.

And my last one is a favorite that I'm looking forward to. A morning at home ALONE. I love my boys but to have a few hours home alone I have a list a mile long and hopefully I can get it done. And yes I even wrote down enjoy a cup of coffee while it's still hot (and not from re-heating it!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!


Wednesday Words

This is just a Hodge podge of my thinking this week.

- For a few weeks Grayson was very into the potty. I have a potty chair and the seat that goes on the toilet he preferred the toilet and even went on it once (and one time on the floor as I was lifting him on the toilet). Now? Nothing so we have backed off. I know he is young but I was excited to see the end of the tunnel that is paved with diapers.

- I got a sneak peak of my blog design and I'm in love. I promise I will do a whole blog post once it is finished!

- We have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law on Friday and my parents offered to watch all of the kids overnight on Friday while we are at dinner. I'm beyond excited to have a night out and hang out with my sister-in-law. About 5 years ago we decided to stop buying Christmas gifts for each other and just go out to dinner, instead it's a nice tradition that I look forward to every year. Plus Saturday morning at home to myself? Okay you twisted my arm. 

- I just bought my ticket for Wine About Winter. It is a huge wine tasting that his held at local business' in the next town over. It happens to fall the weekend after my cousins birthday so my Mom, sister, and cousin are all going to celebrate her birthday. $20.00 gets you early admission (1 hour), a wine glass and a free tasting at all the wineries.

-Grayson go his first big boy haircut yesterday and OMG I will let the pictures do the talking
Before sitting like such a big boy
After looking so grown up!
My boy did such a good job. She even used the trimmer on his neck and he sat still the whole time. So proud of him and we got a ton of compliments on how well behaved our boy was my Mama heart was very full in those moments.

- After said haircut I got a call that there were suspicious charges on my card and yup my card had fradulent charges on it.Thank goodness they caught it when they did $700.00 spent at various electronic stores. Ugh. Now I have to wait for my new card and for the changes to be disputed. Joy.

- The Keurig 2.0 changed my life. Need I say more?

Happy Hump Day!


Baby Step #1 COMPLETE!!!! and Baby Step #2!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!!

We have officially saved $1,000.00 Emergency Fund. And I'm so proud of us.

We chose to start from a $0 balance for the Emergency Fund because we decided to pay off 2 smaller credit cards and used our savings for that. There fore we needed to build up the Emergency Fund.

Which we did in 6 weeks!!!
Now that we have our EF secure what is the next step?


We have crunched some preliminary numbers and lets just say I'm beyond excited for this next year.

We actually hit our EF goal mid December but decided to start Baby Step#2 January 1st because we wanted to save some money towards Grayson's 2nd (!!!!!!) Birthday Party. I wanted to be able to pay cash for this and since we have a large(r) family we like to host the party at a location rather than our house.

That is a whole separate post for another day (soon promise!!)

Anyway we have been faithful to the envelope system. And have seen such a drastic cut in monthly bleeding. For some reason our account would just bleed money. Ya know $5 here and $10 here really really adds up.

Now that we spend every $ before the month starts we are so much better about swiping a card. I have cut our grocery bill in half and with the lowering gas prices we are saving money there as well.

Plus with our first big check in January we were able to pay off our last credit card!!! That's right no more credit cards for us!!! I'm beyond excited. Now we can start chipping away at the other loans we have.

I plan to do monthly updates as to where we are at the end of the month. And I'm so excited to do the posts because I feel like it keeps me accountable.

Again I'm just writing about our experience this is not how everyone does it and not how it has to be done but what is working for us! But I will talk about it with anyone who wants to!


Winter Weekending

The weekend has come and gone way to fast in my opinion.

Friday we had an awful snow going on all the schools were closed and so I called my Mom (at the early hour of 5:30 am) to see if since she was off would she watch G she said of course and they got to spend the day together. These two have the best connection he loves his GiGi and when I got home he kept telling me "My GiGi coat on, Gayson coat on, outside snow Mama" That was his way of telling me she took him outside to play.

Normally Friday is take out pizza night but we were going out to dinner on Saturday with Michael's Aunt and Grandma so we cooked. Michael made the best smothered chicken I have ever had and french fries. Loved every bite of it. We ended the night with Monsters Inc ( the movie that is always on repeat at our house) and coloring.

Saturday it was super sunny out but still only 14 so it was another day of staying warm and snugly in the house. We played blocks, colored, and put away some laundry. My wonderful mother washed every stitch of laundry when she was at my house on Friday so all I had to do was put it away. I also went through our medicine cabinet and cleaned out some empty bottles of who knows what and expired things. Once Grayson went down for a nap I called Michael to see how his day was and he said Grandma had called and cancelled because she was sick and not feeling well. Michael still picked up pizza and got home right before the storm hit.

Sunday was a heat wave in the 30's and so when my sister called and asked to come over I decided we would head outside for some fresh air and playing in the snow. Well my genius sister brought over a sled and Grayson had a blast. We were outside for about 20 mins (which is all that little nugget of mine can handle) and we just pulled him around the yard on the sled. We came in ate lunch and napped.

We spend the night watching football and getting ready for the week, because this week is crazy busy.

Tonight we have dinner at C&T's house
Tuesday- Grayson gets his first professional haircut
Wednesday- Michael has a Dr's appointment and plays guitar
Thursday- Our only free night!!!!
Friday- Dinner with my brother and sister-in-law (G is spending the night at GiGi's with his cousins)
Saturday- Clean the house day
Sunday- Church and birthday party

Whew I'm tired just looking at that schedule.

Happy Monday everyone!


Friday Favories!!!!

It's Friday and that alone is a Favorite!!
The week after the Holiday's is always a bruiser for me. I'm exhausted and plus we have had a rough few days over at the Smith household. But I know that I will look back and wish for the days when he wanted me to hold him and rock him to sleep. 

Anyway on to the fun with Andrea

These boots are my Favorite. Listen I'm an UGG girl all day long. However -15 temps and 12" of snow call for some serious boots and these do the trick.
Waterproof, sherpa lining and great traction= I'm sold plus the $78.00 price tag was nice too!

Product Details

My Mom was off school today so she offered to watch Grayson so that he was home safe when the next round of snow hits this afternoon. She just sent me this pick and I die him in the snow is a Favorite for me today. My boys love language is outside time so this just makes him happy. And yes he cried when she tried to take him back inside. *sigh* you win some you lose some

Another favorite from the above picture the mittens he is wearing. My Grandma (G's Great Gram) made them for him they are thumb less and have the string attaching them so we don't lose them when/ if he pulls them off. I have her making me a few more pairs so that we have options and can stash an extra set in the diaper bag and each of our vehicles

My last favorite is this yogurt. I'm not a yogurt eater. at.all. In fact when I first tried this yogurt I was not a fan but I'm trying to eat better (think no pop-tarts) so I tried it again and now I have it every morning. I have only had the vanilla because I'm not ready for chunks in my yogurt yet.

Product Details


Send caffeine and a nanny

Is there such a thing a a 21 month sleep regression? If so I'm in it

Sunday night Grayson was up from 2 until 4:30 we finally fell back asleep at 4:45 only for my alarm to go off at 5:30. He got to stay snuggled in bed with daddy while I sucked down caffeine like it was my job, so I could ya know do my job.

Tuesday night even worse he went down at 8:30 and was up at 12:00 until 2:30 when I finally shut the monitor off and fell asleep. I don't know when he fell asleep but I know he woke up at 5:45. I was a zombie all day at work and even had a soda at 2:30 just to keep me awake. That soda was not part of my new eat healthy plan but it helped me avoid falling asleep at my desk.

Tuesday night he slept from 8 until 2:00 was up for 30 and then back down until 6 by far our best night and I woke up feeling like a million dollars with 6 hours of consecutive sleep. 

Now last night back to the no sleeping. Ahhhhh it's killing me. There is nothing worse than hearing your baby crying "mommy up! Moooooooommmmmmyyyyyy uuuuuuuppppp!"
Truly heart breaking. After crying it out for 30 minuets he slept until 6. But chopped up sleep like that does nothing for me. I'm so tired and woke up with a headache.

If I had to guess it's his eye teeth 2 have broken through but other 2 just look plain painful

The eating is touch and go too. He refuses some of the foods he normally eats. It's a success if we can get a fruit and some yogurt in him. One thing I'm thankful for is that he is still drinking his milk so at least there is that. 

We are thick in the 2 year old attitude change. His way is the only way. He was like wrestling a greased pig trying to get his boots in him the other day because he wanted to wear sneakers. However it is -10 here so boots are a must.
 Plus now after being gone from daycare for 2 weeks (that's just how it worked with Christmas and our schedules) he cries at drop off. My kid has not cried at drop off in months. Now he acts like I'm sending him to the torture chamber. Thank goodness Miss. Linda just takes him right from me and reads to him. I'm always told when I pick him up that he is having great days and talking up a storm.

This too shall pass. Right?


My Decision

In case you haven't noticed (probably not) I have backed off from blogging. 
I felt like I couldn't find my voice. 
I struggled with the putting it out there (and being judged) and seeming like it was sugar coated.
So I have made a decision

This year 2015 will be the year of me just being me.

So I have contacted a new blog designer (which when I have my new blog design I will share!). And I'm just going to be me.

I'm going to be a sarcastic if I want.
I will have moments so sweet they will give you a cavity
I will talk about our debt
I will talk about our marriage
I will do link ups 
And I may or may not post a ton of pictures. 

I hope that you follow along because I love to see real people and real moments.


Friday Favorites- Random Edition

The first Friday Favorites of 2015 and I'm ringing in the New Year Random Style

I have yet to blog about Christmas and probably never will so I'm going to bring you our favorite gifts for us and Grayson 

My baby loves to collect and push things around enter the gift that Santa brought

Product Details

I love that it has a spot to put a stuffed animal or baby (or Mike for Monsters Inc. lol)
He uses this non-stop. We also go him these canned foods to go in the shopping cart. The lids open and now my kid likes to eat his snack out of them. Toddlers will always keep you guessing.


Product Details
These came in his stocking and he loves them. This jar will last us around 2 months. We alternate between colors and bubble bath. We have started putting two different colors at opposite ends and watching them meet in the middle and mix. He calls this "maygic" and oooo's and ahhhhh's every time.


Product Details

G is obsessed with Coloring. All day everyday he wants to color. So I got him these ones to help promotes proper holding. And they really do! He colors all day long with these plus they are thicker so less breaking is happening. Grayson got about a million coloring books for Christmas we we have plenty of paper to work on.


Product Details

This was the one thing I asked for for Christmas from Santa and he delivered! 
I busted that bad boy out that very night and it was amazing! My skin is so soft and I just love it! I use Cetaphil cleanser with it and so far so good. Now I just need a good night time cream and suggestions? I have oily sensitive skin and info appreciated! And one more thing about this little magic wand my hubby got a great deal on it through our dermatologist (like $30.00 cheaper!!!) So I would check your dr's office first!

Product Details

Listen I might be last to the party but we got this as a joint gift from my Mom and Dad this year and I'm so in love. Plus I got a smokin deal on K-Cups from amazon.

Well there you have it our 5 FAVORITES!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and now it's on to healthy eating and organization!!!

Linking up with Andrea