Friday Favorites- Happiness

It's Friday!!! On one hand I'm all Yahooooooo and on the other I'm all Say what? already? where is the time going???

I'm linking up with Andrea to share some of my favorites from the week.

These are just some Favorite Moments that make me happy!

Michael and I went to the grocery store alone and together. Which is so one of my Favorites. We very rarely go together anymore. I usually just pop in after work, it's my ME time (such a mom right?). But on Wednesday he had a doctors appointment that I went to with him and after we scooted into the store to pick up a few things. We held hands and laughed together. Sure it was only 10 minuets but man did I soak that up.

My next favorite is from the same day. We picked up Grayson together. He did not know what to do and him seeing Michael and saying "No No Daddy Home" was a favorite moment that I died laughing over. That kid is all routine and he knows that Mama drops him off and picks him up.

The big boy haircut he is sportting is for sure a favorite. He is on repair saying "Ayson haier cuT" he really likes to emphasize the T on cut. Plus when he says that he then goes into a whole story about how "ashhhhy cuT Ayson and Daddy cuT too!" Never mind that he is pulling his hair straight up the whole time he is saying this.Love the way he connects the dots.

Snuggle time with my boy in the morning this week is topping my Favorite list too. He has been getting up at 5 in the morning sure it's 15 mins before my alarm goes off but still I scoop him up and bring him into bed with me. I turn on Oso (which ick I so am not a fan of that show but he loves it) and he makes me put my arm around him and we sit in bed and cuddle for a good 15 mins before heading down stairs. He always grabs my face and gives me my morning kiss.

And my last one is a favorite that I'm looking forward to. A morning at home ALONE. I love my boys but to have a few hours home alone I have a list a mile long and hopefully I can get it done. And yes I even wrote down enjoy a cup of coffee while it's still hot (and not from re-heating it!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!