Friday Favorites- Random Edition

The first Friday Favorites of 2015 and I'm ringing in the New Year Random Style

I have yet to blog about Christmas and probably never will so I'm going to bring you our favorite gifts for us and Grayson 

My baby loves to collect and push things around enter the gift that Santa brought

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I love that it has a spot to put a stuffed animal or baby (or Mike for Monsters Inc. lol)
He uses this non-stop. We also go him these canned foods to go in the shopping cart. The lids open and now my kid likes to eat his snack out of them. Toddlers will always keep you guessing.


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These came in his stocking and he loves them. This jar will last us around 2 months. We alternate between colors and bubble bath. We have started putting two different colors at opposite ends and watching them meet in the middle and mix. He calls this "maygic" and oooo's and ahhhhh's every time.


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G is obsessed with Coloring. All day everyday he wants to color. So I got him these ones to help promotes proper holding. And they really do! He colors all day long with these plus they are thicker so less breaking is happening. Grayson got about a million coloring books for Christmas we we have plenty of paper to work on.


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This was the one thing I asked for for Christmas from Santa and he delivered! 
I busted that bad boy out that very night and it was amazing! My skin is so soft and I just love it! I use Cetaphil cleanser with it and so far so good. Now I just need a good night time cream and suggestions? I have oily sensitive skin and info appreciated! And one more thing about this little magic wand my hubby got a great deal on it through our dermatologist (like $30.00 cheaper!!!) So I would check your dr's office first!

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Listen I might be last to the party but we got this as a joint gift from my Mom and Dad this year and I'm so in love. Plus I got a smokin deal on K-Cups from amazon.

Well there you have it our 5 FAVORITES!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and now it's on to healthy eating and organization!!!

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