Our no heat weekend

So this weekend was nice and a bummer all at the same time. I'm sad to be back at work being a grown up is hard sometimes.

Friday- I got out of work, grabbed Grayson , then went to pick up B and Libby. Let me just say to those of you that have 3 kids my hats off to you. It is just insane. My backseat was full. Grayson wanted to see B at all times, B wanted to scream at the top of his lungs to make G laugh, Libby wanted to listen to Taylor Swift but B hates Taylor Swift. It was the longes half an hour car ride of my life. And then trying to get all 3 of them and their overnight bags into my moms house was just laughable. I let B out first he ran into the house then I got Libby out and handed her her dolls. Then I got out G and started to get out bag when my Dad came out and saved the day. Once they were all settled which was 30 seconds because I got a quick hug and kiss from them and they were all up the stairs to help Papa get toys I headed home. I freshened up and we headed to dinner.

Guys it was delish. I have been really watching what I have been eating and I have cut out drinking but on Friday I just had fun. After dinner we headed to a small bar for a few more beers and played shuffleboard. It was great and we were home by 9 so the perfect amount of time.

Saturday I woke up to a house all to myself. I slept in (7:30) which in my world is 2 extra hours of sleep. I drank a hot cup of coffee and watched some TV then it was down to business. I cleaned out the laundry room, did laundry, swept and mopped all the floors and still had an hour left until G got home. So I snuggles under the blanket with a hot cup of coffee. Then my Mom came and I had to get up off the couch and I realized it was freezing in my house. Sure enough our furnace was not working. Thankfully my Dad did HVAC for 20+ years so I called him he came over and got it running. And then it quit again, but we could hit the restart button and it would turn on it just wouldn't stay running on its own. He told me the motor would have to be changed and that he had a spare so he would come do it the next day (Sunday because it was already 8 at night and we still had heat)

Sunday I got up early and started to get G around for our day. I hopped in the shower and figured that Grayson would just watch a Mickey while I quick showered. WRONG he came barreling in the bathroom and handed me my glasses, phone and brush into the shower. Then as I'm rinsing out my conditioner I hear him say "ew gross" and I look out he has the TOILET LID OPEN!!! I scream " Did you just stick your hand in there?" He looks at me and says "Yesh" and I say "Oh goodness Grayson that is so gross don't touch anything" at this point he starts crying I rush to dry off and throw on my robe so that I can wash his hand 2165165 times. I got us all ready to go and my Dad came to change the motor and we headed to church.

I'm Methodist and always have been. In the time that I have belonged to this church we have gone through 5 pastors we are on #6 now. The last one we had was not my cup of tea. I felt judged when I would go to church if I had missed the week before, I also go pestered about my husbands attendance ( he works Sunday's so I always went with my parents) It was a mess and so I stopped going. A few months ago I met the new pastor and felt an instant connection. She didn't pester me as to why I was not coming just that she hoped when I had time I would come to church. It took me a while to get in the mind frame. I prayed about it a ton and I decided to head back. It was amazing. The first song we sang had me in tears. I felt something I had not felt in years and I know I will be back. The energy in the room was amazing. Plus they have a great nursery program during service that Grayson can go to. I'm so happy.

Next we headed to my cousins for a birthday party and some party food. It was a great time. I came home to a warm house and went to bed, it's exhausing being gone from the house all day. Plus Michael did not go to the party with us because of work so I was solo and let me just say Grayson has endless energy.

I woke up this morning to no heat. Again. My dad has one more thing to try and fingers crossed it works or it looks like furnace shopping for us.

Happy Monday