Baby Step #1 COMPLETE!!!! and Baby Step #2!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!!

We have officially saved $1,000.00 Emergency Fund. And I'm so proud of us.

We chose to start from a $0 balance for the Emergency Fund because we decided to pay off 2 smaller credit cards and used our savings for that. There fore we needed to build up the Emergency Fund.

Which we did in 6 weeks!!!
Now that we have our EF secure what is the next step?


We have crunched some preliminary numbers and lets just say I'm beyond excited for this next year.

We actually hit our EF goal mid December but decided to start Baby Step#2 January 1st because we wanted to save some money towards Grayson's 2nd (!!!!!!) Birthday Party. I wanted to be able to pay cash for this and since we have a large(r) family we like to host the party at a location rather than our house.

That is a whole separate post for another day (soon promise!!)

Anyway we have been faithful to the envelope system. And have seen such a drastic cut in monthly bleeding. For some reason our account would just bleed money. Ya know $5 here and $10 here really really adds up.

Now that we spend every $ before the month starts we are so much better about swiping a card. I have cut our grocery bill in half and with the lowering gas prices we are saving money there as well.

Plus with our first big check in January we were able to pay off our last credit card!!! That's right no more credit cards for us!!! I'm beyond excited. Now we can start chipping away at the other loans we have.

I plan to do monthly updates as to where we are at the end of the month. And I'm so excited to do the posts because I feel like it keeps me accountable.

Again I'm just writing about our experience this is not how everyone does it and not how it has to be done but what is working for us! But I will talk about it with anyone who wants to!