Winter Weekending

The weekend has come and gone way to fast in my opinion.

Friday we had an awful snow going on all the schools were closed and so I called my Mom (at the early hour of 5:30 am) to see if since she was off would she watch G she said of course and they got to spend the day together. These two have the best connection he loves his GiGi and when I got home he kept telling me "My GiGi coat on, Gayson coat on, outside snow Mama" That was his way of telling me she took him outside to play.

Normally Friday is take out pizza night but we were going out to dinner on Saturday with Michael's Aunt and Grandma so we cooked. Michael made the best smothered chicken I have ever had and french fries. Loved every bite of it. We ended the night with Monsters Inc ( the movie that is always on repeat at our house) and coloring.

Saturday it was super sunny out but still only 14 so it was another day of staying warm and snugly in the house. We played blocks, colored, and put away some laundry. My wonderful mother washed every stitch of laundry when she was at my house on Friday so all I had to do was put it away. I also went through our medicine cabinet and cleaned out some empty bottles of who knows what and expired things. Once Grayson went down for a nap I called Michael to see how his day was and he said Grandma had called and cancelled because she was sick and not feeling well. Michael still picked up pizza and got home right before the storm hit.

Sunday was a heat wave in the 30's and so when my sister called and asked to come over I decided we would head outside for some fresh air and playing in the snow. Well my genius sister brought over a sled and Grayson had a blast. We were outside for about 20 mins (which is all that little nugget of mine can handle) and we just pulled him around the yard on the sled. We came in ate lunch and napped.

We spend the night watching football and getting ready for the week, because this week is crazy busy.

Tonight we have dinner at C&T's house
Tuesday- Grayson gets his first professional haircut
Wednesday- Michael has a Dr's appointment and plays guitar
Thursday- Our only free night!!!!
Friday- Dinner with my brother and sister-in-law (G is spending the night at GiGi's with his cousins)
Saturday- Clean the house day
Sunday- Church and birthday party

Whew I'm tired just looking at that schedule.

Happy Monday everyone!