Friday Favorites!!!!

Linking up for Friday Favorites Today!!!

Coffee. I'm sure I have listed this before but with these cold months that seem to drain me coffee has become my life line. I even had a second cup yesterday because I was just that tired an cold. These K-cups are my FAVORITE! 

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Amazon Prime. I know it went up this year but I have without a doubt already gotten my money's worth out of it. Between diaper, k-cups, birthday gifts, and zip drives I order a lot. All within my budget of course

The relationship my Mama has with my boy. They have this great connection and it is just sweet. She got him these cute owl clings and he loves them and we made a little video to "fank Gigi" 

The way kids learn things (or maybe it's just my kid) Grayson thinks that when he get one drop of food on him or his tray that "Oh no Mama Ayson Messsssss" so I give him a napkin to clean it up and he says "Oh fank you Mama I keeen" His other new favorite"Come ere" he loves to show people things so if you walk in our house he grabs your hand and says "come ere!" it's cute and funny and sweet. 

It is our annual football party this weekend!!!! I'm beyond excited we have great food, open bar, games, and cards. It's fun night out with my whole family. 

Michael has Sunday off!!! I'm so excited for a family day together the 3 of us!