Mom Talk Tuesday's- Week#1

When Stephanie from Wife Mommy and Me announced this link up I instanly wrote them all down in my planner so I would not forget. I love the idea of Mom's sharing their ideas and little tips and tricks. I feel like as Mom's we need all the support and help we can get because parenting is hard!

So here we are week #1 and we are talking Indoor Toddler Fun.

This is something I'm all too familar with because I live in WNY. We are in the throughs of negative temps and snow. Outside play is not an option for us right now so I have to get creative or go crazy.

Here are our top 5 Indoor things to do.

1- Color. Grayson is obsessed with coloring and I take this as a chance to learn some colors.

2- Laundry- Listen I know this sounds crazy but I have made it a huge game and he loves it. Yes it takes me longer but I get it done while he is awake so when he naps I have a little more "free" time (which just means I can mop the floors!) Our laundry game is pretty intense when I'm sorting all the laundry he dumps the baskets for me. When I'm loading the washer I let him push the ON button, same with the dryer. When I'm folding he hands me one piece of laundry at a time so I can fold it. Then he puts it back in the basket (with my help) and upstairs we go to put it away. Once upstairs I let him put away easy things, like his blankets (we have a bin they go in so he can just throw them in) and is socks (they just get tossed in a drawer) but he does these one at a time and once he gets through those I have everything else put away. I know it sounds crazy but try it sometime when I ask Grayson if he wants to do laundry he smiles and starts running to our laundry room. I'm training him young and his future wife will thank me!

3- Baking. He loves to cook and to help us with whatever we are doing. So I try to bake or at least make something in the kitchen with him once a week. It's January and we are all trying to watch our figures so lately we have been making egg cups, and no bake energy bites but he still loves to help. I measure everything out and then he helps me dump and stir. Plus once we are done we do the dishes and he loves that too.

4- Arts and crafts- This for me is playdoh or painting. I also bought a bunch of stickers at the Dollar Store and some Construction paper and we do "Stickas" This is at least an hour of entertainment. And super cheap for him to do. When we do Playdough I buy the small containters (usually a sampler pack) and I let him pick 2 colors. That way the next time we play he can pick 2 new ones. I really want to try making it myself but have yet to look into it. Maybe that will be on my to do list!

5- Movie time! Monsters Inc. is the only movie that has played at our house in the last month. He loves it. Usually when he wakes up from nap and eating his snack I click it on and we cuddle and watch Sully and Mike!